Kinder via Gate Side Clough

11 January, 2014

6.4 mls, 10.30 km

1600 ft, 487.7 m

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Birchen Clough Bridge

08:05 to 11:10

Peak District

Walk Number 483

Walk Notes:

The second in my series of walks exploring the different ascent routes up to the Kinder plateau. A rather unexpected weather front came in as I was beginning the ascent of Gate Side Clough, up to Kinder Scout, dumping a huge pile of snow right on top of me. It certainly added an element of interest to the walk. The path along the edge of Kinder was completely wiped out and with the snow being blown horizontally into my face I kept losing the best line as I tried to protect myself. The descent down Fairbrook was not the planned route, but seemed the best alternative in the circumstances. Like a good boy scout I was prepared for the weather, despite not expecting it!

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