Gargrave to Horton

24 August, 2013

24.5 mls, 39.44 km

3900 ft, 1187.8 m

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Gargrave Station

18:20 to 18:30

Howgill Fells

Walk Number 459 & 460

Walk Notes:

I chose to walk this as the first section of the Trailblazer Pennine Way guide book update, simply because of the ease of getting to and from the walk and because it’s one of my favourite sections. I parked at Ribblehead and caught the train back to Gargrave, from where I planned to walk the 30 miles back to the car. I started with a village survey, disappointed to find the promised chippy was long gone, so had a pub meal in the Old Swan before wandering along the Way to find somewhere to camp outside the village. I was forced into my choice of pitch by a torrential downpour and spent the whole night listening to rain drumming on the tent. I had a mostly sleepless night due to the sound of the rain, but a good test of the waterproof-ness of my shelter. I was away without breakfast, hoping to catch the cafe in Horton. It rained all the way into the village, not cold, but steady and drenching and I formed a pool beneath my table as I sat in the shelter of the Old Barn in Malham. The rest of the day was mostly dry, the odd light shower only. By the climb up Fountains Fell I was tired and after the climb up PYG I was knackered. As I reached that last summit the heavens opened again and it got quite chilly as a strong wind accompanied it. Rather than camp at Hull Pot as I’d planned I decided to head for the station in Horton and catch the 19:06 train back to my car and a warm bed instead.

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