Settle to Skipton

8 June, 2013

19.3 mls, 31.06 km

2500 ft, 762.0 m

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Settle Station

07:15 to 14:10

Yorkshire Dales

Walk Number 442

Walk Notes:

A beautiful summer day, with sun all day, a light breeze to cool me and dry underfoot throughout. A tough 19+ miles today to help me beat my personal best on this year’s GCC Challenge. At the end I felt great, with plenty more walking in me if I’d needed it. Around Sharpah I realised I’d lost my car key somewhere along the route, so called the RAC while on the path. They arrived about 20 mins after I did at the car and the guy fished out the spare key from the hidey hole in the centre console with a metal wire! Great day out, despite that.

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