Fell Head & The Calf from Howgill Church

22 August, 2009

11.0 mls, 17.70 km

2800 ft, 853.4 m

Download file for GPS

Howgill Church

08:02 to 13:08

Howgill Fells

Walk Number 212

Walk Notes:

I’d been ill for the last three weekends, initially with a throat and chest infection that firstly drained all the energy from me and then left me with a hacking cough and phlegm everywhere (which is nice!), this was later replaced with a mild flu or cold, which kept me inside feeling sorry for myself. As such, I was feeling a little trepidation about today’s walk – would my legs be up to carrying my increased weight up these hills? A pretty good day weather wise, high white clouds for most of the later sections, but overcast on the summit.

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