Pub choice in Ennerdale Bridge

Just a couple of quick thoughts on where to eat and drink on Ennerdale Bridge for all you future C2Cers; whether you be easters or westers.

The Fox & Hounds is my preferred choice for the following reasons…..

F&H is now a village co-operative, still leased from the absentee landlord, but a local concern. We should all try and support these local businesses along the route, as per my previous comments on the White Swan.

There is a much better atmosphere, even when it’s quiet. Both pubs were pretty quiet when I was in them. But the F&H bustled with background life and activity while the Shepherds was dead, the barmaid wiping the glasses.

The bar staff are friendlier. I got a grunt in the Shepherds but the staff on the F&H were friendly and attentive.

Food is served all day, not just from 6pm as in the Shepherds.

Food menu looks much better; it’s cheaper and has a wider choice of food.

Searing is much more comfortable in the F&H – there’s a load of comfy bench type seating with leather chairs opposite. The shepherds is all chairs, so you can’t lounge.

There’s better WiFi – and it’s free if you ask for it – in the F&H. A good signal in all parts of the pub. The Shepherds was patchy in the bar.

I stopped in the Shepherd’s for a drink on the way to the B&B. It may be 15p cheaper for a pint of Diet Coke, but there was no atmosphere at all.

For me, hands down, the F&H wins in the village. Just my personal opinion of course – i have no axe to grind either way.

It’s great that there’s two pubs in the village at all – there are larger villages along the Pennine Way that can’t support one, never mind two!

The Ranch Burger! It was as good as it looks! 🙂

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