PW2010 – Planning Update #4

For anyone still bothering to read my witterings on this subject I have good news (I think!).

Although I couldn’t get into Keld Lodge, I have found room in Butt House for the 12th May, which means I can keep my original start date of the 5th May and I don’t have to cancel any of the bookings I’ve made so far. It does mean though that fresh undies every day are a dim and distant fantasy – I’ll have to try and get some Merino ones!

It seems that speaking to Pat at Keld Lodge and Trish at Butt House that May is already getting pretty full – and as they’re the only B&B accommodation in the village now (there used to be East View, but that’s a holiday let now I think) it’s getting to the point where you need to book a long, long way in advance – especially if you’re planning on staying there on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday night. Trish said they had bookings for next October!!

You could bypass Keld of course and head to Tan Hill, but that’s in almost as much demand and they have the novelty value of being the highest pub in England.

Anyway it looks like I’m back on track. More to follow…

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