Quo Mapping Discount Code

I really don’t like adverts, not on my TV, not on the radio I listen to and certainly not on any website I have any control over. I will never – and that is an unequivocal NEVER – open any of my websites up to commercial advertising. I’ve turned down a few offers already of sponsorship and will continue to do so.

However, I’m not sure this is an advert – and if it is – it could be classed as the acceptable face of advertising. I was approached by the people at Mapyx – they make the digital mapping product called Quo – and I was asked if I would like a discount code for my readers and visitors to the main Walking Places site.

The discount code gives you 15% off any Quo product when you quote it at the online checkout, so here it is. Click HERE to go to the Quo site and use this code to get your discount. I presume there will be other bloggers and web site owners out there with similar codes and I also presume you won’t be able to add them up for more discount, but it’s worth a try I guess 🙂

Code: RT8Z67

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