Review: Trailblazer Exmoor & North Devon Coast Path

It’s always exciting when books arrive on my desk – I love books, I have loads of them! Nearly everything that I’ve bought recently has been walking related as I tend to listen to novels now rather than actually read them. Audiobooks have fundamentally changed the way I enjoy fiction; I can “read” much more than I ever used to and the books are all the more alive, especially in the hands of a good narrator.

But you can’t replace the excitement of a new physical book arriving on the doormat. The one that arrived on Friday was from Trailblazer – and what made it all the more exciting was it was a brand new guide book, and better still it was the first in a trilogy!

Exmoor and North Devon Coast Path (South West Coast Path Part 1)

Trilogies are normally associated with novels of course, but in this instance the need to break the book into three volumes has been thrust upon Trailblazer by the sheer magnitude of what they are trying to achieve.

A complete guide to the South West Coast Path – Britain’s longest National Trail and an epic journey for anyone.

The research has been done by Henry Stedman (author of the original C2C guide) and Joel Newton (a newcomer to the Trailblazer team) who walked the whole path and compiled what I’m sure will become the definitive guide book for anyone walking this route.

The book sticks to the tried and trusted format of all the Trailblazer guides; planning and preparation notes mixed in with dozens of glorious maps in incredible detail. An accommodation guide, places to eat, drink, shop and sights to see along the way. It’s all in here in a very readable and accessible format.

I like the addition of a new colour section at the start of the book – a couple of dozen glossy colour pages that include photographs, temperature and weather charts, some background to the path and other useful notes.

The guide is available now from Trailblazer directly at £11.99, but you can probably find it discounted at Amazon soon enough.

As with all new Trailblazer guides you have the reassurance of a set of GPS waypoints to help you along the route and although these aren’t loaded on the site yet, they soon will be. A full list is provided in the back of the book.

Once again Trailblazer have delivered a superb example of traditional and modern guidebook; a complete guide to the first part of the South West Coast Path with the other two sections to follow in the next few weeks. I’ll post reviews of those as they arrive.

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