I’ve persuaded the good lady wife that I deserve another week away from home, walking the footpaths of this splendid isle. I’m not sure she was completely convinced with my argument, but she’s not going to throw a tnatrum if I go. Not quite the same as having her blessing – but close enough, I’m sure you’ll agree.

I’ve decided to do Hadrian’s Wall. Mainly because it’s do-able in 5 days and also because it’s not that hard to get and return from.

I’ve bought the new edition guidebook from Trailblazer, written by my favourite guidebook author – Henry Stedman – of Coast to Coast fame.

Unfortunately this covers the route from East to West, which is how most people walk the route. I say unfortunate, because I’ve decided to walk it West to East. Not only does that mean that the weather should be at your back, but also it’s much easier to get home from Newcastle than it is from Bowness.

Pete, if you’re reading this; this is all your fault! All your talk of a second long distance path in the same year got me thinking and I’ve got enough holidays to do this and take the wife away for a week, towards the end of the year!

I’m sort of planning it for early September, which isn’t far away and may cause a problem for B&B bookings etc, at least it would, except I’m probably going to camp it. I’ve decided that if my long term goal for several years hence is Land’s End to John O’Groats then I better start “training” for it. Not in the fitness sense, but in the lifestyle sense.

I’ve only ever camped overnight before, never consecutive nights and I think I need to start to understand and experience what is required to achieve this. So if I start with a short one like Hadrian’s Wall I can iron out bugs and such, without suffering too much.

I’m still writing up my WHW/GGW journal, now on day 9 of 12 and that’s also giving me itchy feet again. The weather at the moment is so awful at the weekends that enthusiasm drains away on a Friday when I look at the Metcheck forecast and my energies go into planning activities. Inevitably I start to look at LDP’s that are on my “short term to-do list” and that includes HW………

Walking! What a cruel and demanding mistress!

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  1. Don’t blame me – just because I had the HW book on the coffee table! I’ll look out of the wndow of my B&B’s to see you camping – hopefully not in the rain.

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