Long distance walker, trig-pointer, peak-bagger, guide book author & fair-weather cyclist, with a love of Skye, the Pennine Way, malt whisky, & Man City.

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  1. Paul Mercer says:

    I saw the photo you took of the rubbish, it saddens me so to see this in a paradise. I took my 9 year old daughter to Skye for the first time in 2012 and we both loved it. However we were on the Suisnish to Boreraig walk along the coast and we came across the beach knee high it rubbish washed all the way from the Atlantic. It was heartbreaking to see and really made me angry. My daughter asked why people do this and i could not answer her. On a lighter note i have lots of photos and good memories of Skye and go there a little bit hardened to the ways of ‘people’

    • lonewalker says:

      It really is a beautiful place Paul, the rubbish along the coast was a minor blot in comparison to the rest of the island, but a disgrace all the same. I’m sure your daughter will have great memories of the island and the time she spent with her Dad

  2. Easy Walker says:

    these pictures are really nice.

    I defenatly put this skye walk on my to do list.
    Wen it is good wheater it should be great.

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