"SpamFree" Blog – I hope….

I get loads of ideas for various things by reading other people’s blogs. Mostly kit I have to admit, but more recently I’ve been interested in spam filters.

Over at BG, Bearded Git has been trialling a WordPress plug-in that is supposed to completely remove all spam entries from the blog comments submissions. “Sounds too good to be true” I thought, but it seems that it does actually work.

WP-SpamFree is a free plug-in that uses Cookies and Javascript to filter out the spambot posts. I have installed it and will give it a whirl for a few days and see how it copes. I don’t have a lot of traffic to my site, but the percentage of spam is quite high, so if I can avoid spending time deleting it then all the better.

To give it a thorough test, I’ve turned off comment moderation; so if anything nasty creeps through I do apologise and I will switch it back on.

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5 thoughts on “"SpamFree" Blog – I hope….”

  1. Rambling Pete

    Brilliant….and I’ve never had any SPAM in Norway….yet..although some of the stuff they serve up does look a bit like Spam

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