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C2C 2011: Day Thirteen

24th June 2011 – Ennerdale Br. to St. Bees – 15.7 miles I write this in the pub in St. Bees – so the job’s done, holiday complete, I’ve tramped

C2C 2011: Day Twelve

23rd June 2011 – Stonethwaite to Ennerdale Br. – 16.3 miles I had another cracking night’s sleep, the double bed helped I’m sure, but the people sharing the bathroom with

C2C 2011: Day Eleven

22nd June 2011 – Grasmere to Stonethwaite – 10.8 miles I had a cracking night’s sleep in the Chestnut Villa and I had a double bed for only the second

C2C 2011: Day Ten

21st June 2011 РPatterdale to Grasmere Р11.7 miles I had one of those moments this morning where you observe how badly some people behave and you wish you could

C2C 2011: Day Nine

20th June 2011 – Shap to Patterdale – 15.8 miles The best day of the walk so far, by a long way – but I was absolutely shattered (again) at

C2C 2011: Day Eight

19th June 2011 – Kirkby Stephen to Shap – 19.0 miles Although it wasn’t actually raining when I set out this morning, it did look black and horrible and the

C2C 2011: Day Seven

18th June 2011 – Keld to Kirkby Stephen – 13.3 miles I think it was the great Sir Isaac Newton who suggested that for every action there’s an equal and

C2C 2011: Day Six

17th June 2011 – Reeth to Keld – 11.4 miles Note: Apologies, but there are no photos for the two days between Reeth and Kirkby Stephen – for some unknown

C2C 2011: Day Five

16th June 2011 – Richmond to Reeth – 13.4miles I had the best night’s sleep of the walk so far. In fact I more accurately just died at about 21:00

C2C 2011: Day Four

15th June 2011 – Osmotherley to Richmond – 25.5 miles I was absolutely steaming mad this morning, or like Gerald the Gorilla I was absolutely livid! But joking aside I

C2C 2011: Day Three

14th June 2011 – Blakey Ridge to Osmotherley – 19.2 miles Wow! What a cracking day it’s been – some of the best weather I’ve walked in for a long

C2C 2011: Day Two

13th June 2011 – Grosmont to Blakey Ridge – 13.5 miles I slept a bit better last night. I awoke at 04:45 the first time, despite the clicking from the

C2C 2011: Day One

12th June 2011 – Robin Hood’s Bay to Grosmont – 15.1 miles I didn’t sleep all that well in the night. I was awake at 03:00 and then again at

C2C 2011: Day Zero

11th June 2011 – Arrival in Robin Hood’s Bay When I awoke at 08:00 this morning I had nothing packed at all. Not a thing. Which, for a control freak

Selecting a Route

As well as walking backwards along the route this year, my plan has always been to walk as many non-standard Wainwright legs as possible, while still maintaining as many of


With the path decided on – and the direction of travel – it’s only a matter of deciding on an itinerary, booking the accommodation and getting rid of the belly

The Cost of Walking

I’m sure, like many things, walking the Coast to Coast can be done much more cheaply than I’m actually doing it. But at the end of the day you get

The Decision

I thought I’d walked the Coast to Coast for the last time in a long time, back in 2009 (only last year as I write this). But the path has