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Rucksack Readers C2C Guide – 2nd Ed

I reviewed the first edition of this guide book back in 2010 and I wasn’t especially complimentary about it, but that’s the risk you take when you send review copies

Coast to Coast 2011

Introduction This is the homepage for my 2011 long distance walk. It holds the planning and preparation notes for the walk and the complete walking journal as well. I walked

Coast to Coast 2009

Introduction This is the story of my second journey along Wainwright’s definitive British footpath – the Coast to Coast. I had walked it previously in May 2006 – walking alone

Lindisfarne Causeway (photo courtesy of Walter Baxter)
Long Distance Paths

Trig to Trig 2014

After yesterday’s post regarding next year’s long path I did some research and it turns out my idea isn’t new at all. The east coast around Holy Island seems to

Long Distance Paths

Thinking ahead

It’s almost the end of the year and typically by this time, I’ve already got next year’s long distance path planned and often booked as well. This year though I’ve


Walking Songs

I have quite a large music collection – built up over many years; including vinyl singles, LPs, CDs and more recently almost exclusively downloads from various locations. So I thought


What would you write?

That was the question posed by Nick Newcomen after he finished his 30 day trek across the USA – he used a GPS and a car and drove across 30

Long Distance Paths

Coast to Coast 2009 – Fundraising

Just a quick note regarding Rob’s fundraising efforts for the C2C walk we just did. I’d promised to include a link to his JustGiving page on a previous post and

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Coast to Coast 2009 – Final Day (11)

Well that’s it then, we’ve done it. I’m posting this from the wifi connection in the Wayfarer in Robin Hood’s Bay. But I’m getting ahead of myself…. One of the

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Coast to Coast 2009 – Day 10

A day of contrasts awaited us; bitter, driving, chilling winds across the moors in the morning and lovely sunny wooded walks in the afternoon. Rob has depleted his stock of

Long Distance Paths

Coast to Coast 2009 – Day 9

Days 8 and 9 reports have been posted from the Lion Inn at Blakey with a single bar on the phone signal so no pictures are available unfortunately. Today was

Long Distance Paths

Coast to Coast 2009 – Day 8

In a Geordie accent: “Day 8 and the lads wake to the smell of burning Gore Tex Paclite which still pervades the room after the previous nights accident with my

Long Distance Paths

Coast to Coast 2009 – Day 7

The Kelda brew in Keld Lodge is excellent walking beer, light and refreshing and not too strong, just right in my book. Before I start my report for Day 7,

Long Distance Paths

Coast to Coast 2009 – Day 6

In a Geordie accent: “Day 6 and the lads are getting a little stir crazy, visions of hot tea and cakes appear at random intervals during the day. The bus

Long Distance Paths

Coast to Coast 2009 – Day 5

A nice pint of Hobgoblin in the Kings Arrms in Kirkby Stephen. In a Geordie accent: “Day 5 and the medication levels in the house have risen alarmingly. A strong

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Coast to Coast 2009 – Day 4

Rob relaxes at lunch time in the sun, beside Haweswater Reservior. I’m still a day behind in posts, I’m writing this at the end of day 5 in The Black

Long Distance Paths

Coast to Coast 2009 – Day 3

I’m struggling to post pictures at the moment as signal strength precludes the large attachments, I will try and add some to later posts. Day 3 started as Day 2

Long Distance Paths

Coast to Coast 2009 – Day 2

Day 2 started at 4am for me as I was woken by the rain battering against the window of the surprisingly comfortable room in the Shepherds Arms in Ennerdale Bridge.