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Coast to Coast 2009 – Itinerary

I know I’ve mentioned this in a previous post, but that was several months ago and I don’t suppose anyone remembers that now (even those that read it), but this year’s C2C is going to be a little different to the usual St. Bees to Robin Hood’s Bay walk. For...


Coat to Coast 2009 – Prep

As little as 5 weeks ago I was panicking, I was really quite worried that my level of fitness had deteriorated so much over the winter that I really wasn’t going to be ready for my long walk this year. Winter walking, for me at least, always tends to be...


Coast to Coast 2009

It’s been decided, it’s in the diary and some of it has even been booked! Next year’s long distance walk will be Wainwright’s Coast to Coast again. For the first time since 2005 I’ll be walking with someone else on my LDP; Tex Gore has decided to come with me...


Coast to Coast 2006

This is the comments area for my Coast to Coast 2006 Journal. Please feel free to leave whatever comments you may have in this area. Many thanks for your feedback. Regards, Lone Walker.