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Ramblers #BigPathwatch

I’ve just spent the morning walking some of the local footpaths around my home. This is not an unusual activity, I do a lot of walking close to home, but this time I had a purpose. I was trying to walk all the footpaths inside certain OS squares. The reason...


The power of Nature

Up until about 15 years ago traffic entering Winsford (where I live), from Northwich (the nearest large town) had to drive along Jack Lane, a small and windy country lane. The expansion of the town in the late 1990’s meant that more traffic was using the road and it was...


A Winter ‘Dog Walk’

I’m giving up the gym – I’ve decided. It was useful for a time, but I find myself going less and less and the membership doesn’t go down when I don’t use it, so I’m sacking it. But that does mean I’m going to have to be a bit more...