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Great Glen Way 2008

This Great Glen Way journal is a continuation of the West Highland Way journal. It can be read in isolation just as easily, but if you want to follow me

West Highland Way 2008

The Great West Highland Glen Way 2008 – Outline Okay, so I made that title up myself. But it describes more accurately, the walk I am currently planning for 2008.

Long Distance Paths

West Highland Way Journal 2008

After many long weeks in preparation and many editing sessions the journal of my 2008 long distance path is finally released and published on the web site. It tells the

Long Distance Paths

WHW & GGW 2008 Comments Page

This is the comments page for my West Highland Way and Great Glen Way journal from May 2008. Please feel free to leave any feedback or comments you wish.

Long Distance Paths

Preparing for my Long Walk

I did it after I finished the Coast to Coast in 2006 and I’ve done it again in 2007. I’ve managed to gain the best part of a stone in