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Memory Map on the iPhone – continued..

Although I’ve made a couple of approaches to Memory Map now to try and get some sort of discount for existing and loyal customers of the product – for the iPhone app, I’ve been told that there are no plans to discount the product and the senior members of the...


Memory Map on iPhone

UPDATE: In many ways, things have changed since I originally wrote this post. There is still a Memory Map app for the iPhone and for Android too, but it is dreadful and there is no way I could recommend it to anyone. Also Quo and Anquet have both disappeared from...


An iPhone beater?

I know there are many iPhone users in the outdoors blogging community, myself included. The iPhone has its faults, but so far it’s been the most complete and flexible package when it comes to writing, creating and publishing blogs on the move. There is a new device in town now...


Another update

All I seem to be doing at the moment is upgrading or updating software on various devices and systems. This latest update is to the iPhone, moving to the recently released and much awaited v3 of the software. Hopefully this post will confirm that the update hasn’t broken my wordpress...


Outdoor blogging

A very short post from the simmit of Sheffield Pike, it has to be cos my fingers are freezing off. At least the technology works – or it will if this post gets through Sent using my iPhone.


Blogging on the move

I’m in the process of justifying to myself the purchase of an iPhone mainly for mobile updates to the diary and mobile email. I have a BlackBerry for work use but it’s very clumsy as a browser and not great for personal email. I have borrowed my sons iPod Touch...