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Lakeland Fells Map

Buy Me:  £3 This topology map of the Lake District fells came around after a chance conversation with my walking friend Matthew King. He was creating a bespoke map of the

Long Distance Paths

"It’s Make Your Mind Up Time"

I’m old enough to remember that catchphrase, but I guess many people reading this will not be and many who do will not remember it’s origin. So answers on a


Win Some, Lose Some

I’m a huge believer in coincidence – not during a murder investigation or while uncovering a spy-ring of course – but generally during normal life, coincidence plays an important part


Slave to "The List"

Increasingly that’s how I’ve come to think of myself, a slave to the list. “The List” in question being the 214 Lakeland fells described and documented by Alfred Wainwright –


Lake District Fells Map

Buy Me: £3 Print-ready JPG file This topology map of the Lake District fells came around after a chance conversation with my walking friend Matthew King. He was creating a


New Lakes walking blog

Just a quick post to bring folks attention to a brand new walking blog, mainly covering the Lakes, from someone who has recently got into walking and has developed a


Walk Report: Walna Scar

Date: 28th Aug 2009 Location: Lakes Distance: 13.0 miles Weather: Overcast and cloudy, some sunny spells, brightening at the end, no rain Ascent: 2600 feet Trig Points: 0 Time: 5


Walk Report: High Pike

Date: 13th Jun 2009 Stats: 9 miles, 2000 feet Weather: Clear and sunny to start, turning to rain and windy later Trig Points: 1: TP3801 – High Pike Wainwrights: 2:


Walk Report: Wansfell Pike

Date: 28th Mar 2009 Stats: 7.0 miles, 1500 feet Weather: Howling gales, very, very cold wind chill, rain and sleet to finish Trig Points: 0 Wainwrights: 1: Wansfell (Baystones) Other


Walk Report: High Street from Hartsop

Date: 21st Mar 2009 Stats: 7.0 miles, 2400 feet Weather: Misty to start, but clear and sunny later, warming nicely Trig Points: 1: TP0693 – High Street Wainwrights: 2: High


Walk Report: Fairfield from Patterdale

Date: 28th Feb 2009 Stats: 11.0 miles, 3000 feet Weather: Cloudy, then rain, bitter wind on top and low cloud Trig Points: N/A Wainwrights: 3: Hartsop Above How, Hart Crag,


Project Wainwright 2007 – Update

Early last year I began ‘Project Wainwright’, which was my way of officially beginning the collection of all 214 Lakeland fells classified by Alfred Wainwright. This is a bagging list


Walk Report: Red Screes

Date: 1st Nov 2008 Stats: 7.0 miles, 2300 feet Weather: Cool in the valley, biting wind and bitter cold on tops, no rain, low cloud Trig Points: 1: TP5619 –

Cofa Pike (centre left) with St. Sunday Crag (centre right)

Walk Report: Esk Pike & Bow Fell

Date: 23rd Aug 2008 Stats: 10 miles, 3400 feet Weather: Mostly clear and warm, scattered cloud and cold on tops Trig Points: 0 Wainwrights: 3: Rossett Pike, Esk Pike, Bow


Staggering up Scafell Pike

Probably the toughest walk of the year for me yesterday (Sunday), what with the heat and the choice of route. I’d elected to walk-in through Eskdale and then ascend via


Walk Report: Scafell Pike

Date: 27th Jul 2008 Stats: 11.5 miles, 3400 feet Weather: Low lying mist to begin, then bright, hot and sunny, clouding over later Trig Points: 1: TP5828 – Sca Fell


Burnt on Great Gable

The hottest day of the year so far saw Tex, his friend Mark and I on Great Gable today. We walked up from the Slate Mine at Honister, over the little visited


Walk Report: Great Gable

Date: 25th Jul 2008 Stats: 6.0 miles, 2400 feet Weather: Sunny and hot all day, windy is places Trig Points: 0 Wainwrights: 4: Grey Knotts, Brandreth, Green Gable, Great Gable