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Offa’s Dyke Path 2007

Outline Offa’s Dyke is an earthwork constructed in the 8th century, possibly as a boundary, possibly as a defensive barrier, but whatever the reason for its creation, it has been


Little Things

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that give us the most pleasure; like the last Fondant Fancy or the discovery of a hitherto errant jelly bean in your jacket


Review: Offa’s Dyke Trailblazer Guide 3rd Edn

I walked part of Offa’s Dyke Path in 2007 – the three days that I managed are recounted here. Anyone who’s read this will remember that I didn’t enjoy the


Post Walk.. (what’s the opposite of Blues?)

There’s something incredibly satisfying sitting down to write a walk report, with the wind and rain rattling against the window, feet throbbing gently under the desk and calf muscles slowly

Long Distance Paths

Offa’s Dyke 2007 Comments Page

This is the comments page for my Offa’s Dyke 2007 Journal. Please feel free to leave whatever comments, questions or feedback you may have. Regards, Lone Walker.