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The Route

Originally posted: Monday, November 9th, 2009 I’ve now got a route planned (mostly) and I’m starting to add the pieces of the B&B puzzle into place. For a while I

Pennine Way: Day Seventeen

21st May 2010 – Byrness to Kirk Yetholm – 24.8 miles “When I come home yeah I know I’m gonna be, I’m gonna be the man who comes back home

Pennine Way: Day Sixteen

20th May 2010 – Bellingham to Byrness – 15.0 miles “Everything went slowly then, as if to match the way Curley was walking. The soldiers on the back of the

Pennine Way: Day Fifteen

19th May 2010 – Once Brewed to Bellingham – 15.4 miles “I cannot explain.” She spoke in a low, eager voice, with a curious lisp in her utterance. “But for

Pennine Way: Day Fourteen

18th May 2010 – Greenhead to Once Brewed – 7.5 miles “…you say walk, I will walk. To the end of the line and back to you. My name is

Pennine Way: Day Thirteen

17th May 2010 – Garrigill to Greenhead – 20.1 miles “When I was a young man I carried my pack and I lived the free life of a rover. From

Pennine Way: Day Twelve

16th May 2010 – Dufton to Garrigill – 15.6 miles “Tom Stephenson’s highway of freedom. 200 miles and more or so they say. From Edale to Kirk Yetholm, all your

Pennine Way: Day Eleven

15th May 2010 – Middleton in-T to Dufton – 19.9 miles “Anywhere is walking distance, if you’ve got the time.” Stephen Wright (American writer) This section was the best of

Pennine Way: Day Ten

14th May 2010 – Bowes to Middleton in-T – 12.2 miles “That’s right, a lovely stroll on the moors. Tra-la-la, isn’t this fun?” David – just prior to Jack’s slaughter

Pennine Way: Day Nine

13th May 2010 – Keld to Bowes – 12.6 miles “Ahh, get that, country air, nothing like it” “Smells like normal air, with cow shit in it” “Exactly, nothing like

Pennine Way: Day Eight

12th May 2010 – Hawes to Keld – 12.4 miles “But I can stand where legends stand, when I walk the hill” Big Country – I Walk The Hill Peeking

Pennine Way: Day Seven

11th May 2010 – Horton in-R to Hawes – 13.6 miles Horton to Hawes: For most of this stage even a lame packhorse with a coal sack over its head

Pennine Way: Day Six

10th May 2010 – Malham to Horton in-R – 14.4 miles “The way back to town is only 30 miles. If you save your breath, I feel a man like

Pennine Way: Day Five

9th May 2010 – Cowling to Malham – 17.7 miles “All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking” Friedrich Nietzsche The longest day of the walk so far at almost

Pennine Way: Day Four

8th May 2010 – Hebden Bridge to Cowling – 16.8 miles “…my companion is impatient, and proposes that we should appropriate the dairywoman’s cloak, and have a scamper on the

Pennine Way: Day Three

7th May 2010 – Bleak Hey Nook to Hebden Bridge – 16.4 miles “I could not doubt that this was the Miss Stapleton of whom I had been told, since

Pennine Way: Day Two

6th May 2010 – Crowden to Bleak Hey Nook – 13.5 miles “Have you ever walked the lonesome hills and heard the curlews cry? Or seen the raven black as

Pennine Way: Day One

5th May 2010 – Edale to Crowden – 15.2 miles “I’ve got a plan…” “Does it involve girls?” “…it’s cheap…” “Yeah, but does it involve girls?” “…let’s go hiking!” “That