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Final Thoughts

All walks have something to endear themselves to me, but the Skye Trail was very special. I continuously found myself running out of superlatives and falling back on the old

Skye Trail: Day Eight

7th May 2012 – Drumfearn road-end to Armadale Pier: 18.1m – 2,800 ft – 6 hrs 10 mins I set out on the final day of the Skye Trail without

Skye Trail: Day Seven

4th May 2012 – Broadford to Drumfearn: 9.8m – 1,200 ft – 3 hrs 00 mins Day seven dawned – well we assumed it dawned, we couldn’t actually see the

Skye Trail: Day Six

3rd May 2012 – Kirkibost to Broadford: 18.1m – 2,400 ft – 6 hrs 45 mins Something strange had happened overnight. As we left the house this morning we noticed

Skye Trail: Day Five

2nd May 2012 – Sligachan Hotel to Kirkibost: 16.3m – 2,100 ft – 6 hrs 30 mins Inevitably, the start of each day now gets further and further from our

Skye Trail: Day Four

1st May 2012 – Portree to Sligachan Hotel: 11.2m – 1,200 ft – 4 hrs 30 mins I was awake by 6:40, with only a few restless moments during the

Skye Trail: Day Three

30th April 2012 – The Storr to Portree: 9.7m – 2,000 ft – 4 hrs 00 mins Day three dawned with a slight change in the weather; overcast with distant

Skye Trail: Day Two

29th April 2012 – Quiraing to The Storr: 14.2m – 4,800 ft – 7 hrs 45 mins I’ll be brutally honest I was more than a bit worried about today.

Skye Trail: Day One

28th April 2012 – Duntulm to Flodigarry: 9.4m – 2,600 ft – 4 hrs 30 mins I slept quite well, which is unusual for my first night in any strange

Skye Trail: Day Zero

27th April 2012 – Northwich to Trotternish: 487m – 8 hrs 10 mins It was absolutely tipping it down as we packed the car at Roger’s house. I was as

Route Planning

Day One: Duntulm to Flodigarry This is going to be a short day; only 8 miles or so and it’s a route I’ve developed myself to try and see the

Route Selection

Of all the long distance walks I’ve done, selecting the route for the Skye Trail has been the hardest of the lot. The plain and simple fact of the matter

Our Accommodation

In 2011 my brother, Roger, had stayed on Skye for a week, with a friend and they’d had a great time – a lads’ week away staying in this croft.

The Cost of Walking

Typically the cost of walking for two weeks along one of the UK’s long paths has cost me about £1,000, give or take a few quid. The last couple of