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Final Thoughts

Sanquhar Station I left the Southern Upland Way, at Sanquhar, at the end of Day 6. I posted this tweet from the train station. In some ways it was a

SUW 2015 – Day 6

8th May 2015 – Stroanpatrick to Sanquhar: 18.7 mls I didn’t really expect a third day of good weather, so it was a bonus that I walked in sunshine for

SUW 2015 – Day 5

7th May 2015 – Clatteringshaws Loch to Stroanpatrick: 15.5 mls Although the day was perfectly acceptable in terms of weather, it was a bit worse than forecast, so ended up

SUW 2015 – Day 4

6th May 2015 – Bargrennan to Clatteringshaws Loch: 17.5 mls A day of better weather than forecast is always something to be thankful for and such was today. Today’s walk,

SUW 2015 – Day 3

5th May 2015 – New Luce to Bargrennan: 19.1 mls Today’s walk is brought to you by the word “puddle” and by the sound your legs make when you walk

SUW 2015 – Day 2

4th May 2015 – Stranraer to New Luce: 14.2 mls Today was fantastic! A breeze marginally stronger than I would have liked was the only thing preventing me from calling

SUW 2015 – Day 1

3rd May 2015 – Portpatrick to Stranraer: 9.6 mls Today’s walk is brought to you by the word “dreich” which is a proper Scottish word hijacked by us southern softies

SUW 2015 – Day 0

2nd May 2015 – Home to Stranraer: 259 mls, 8 hrs There are some advantages to travelling First Class and I was hoping to be able to use a FC


I was unsure whether I’d do a kit posting for this year’s walk, but I looked back at the one I did for the 2013 walk and some of the


The countdown to my Southern Upland Way continues. I’ll be heading out five weeks on Saturday and using a tortuous series of trains and buses to reach my starting point.

Getting There & Back

“It really shouldn’t be this difficult!” A phrase I kept repeating while trying to book rail tickets for my Southern Upland Way walk in May. Public transport needs to be


I’d walked about a mile or so out of Beattock, heading for the Ettrick Hills and as I reached an old cattle feeder standing rusting beside the track, I knew