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Long Distance Paths

Dales Tip-to-Tip – Day 3

28th August 2022: Kettlewell to Yockenthwaite – 8.5m We had another lazy morning and I enjoyed just taking time over the daily routine, rather than rushing to get an early

Long Distance Paths

Dales Tip-to-Tip – Day 2

27th August 2022: Burnsall Bridge to Kettlewell – 9.8m I’m beginning to think this walk may be cursed! It was supposed to be an 8-day walk carried out over 3x

Long Distance Paths

Yoredale Way 2022 – Day 5

7th August 2022 – Ripon to Boroughbridge – 8.8m Typically, the one day this week I actually felt like I could have had a lie in, I kinda needed to

Long Distance Paths

Yoredale Way 2022 – Day 4

6th August 2022 – Masham to Ripon – 14.6m Well that was quite a tough day, although to be fair I made it tougher than it should have been. I’m

Long Distance Paths

Yoredale Way 2022 – Day 3

5th August 2022 – Middleham to Masham – 11.1m As a couple of people suggested yesterday, a good night’s sleep worked wonders for me. I woke feeling a bit more

Long Distance Paths

Yoredale Way 2022 – Day 2

4th August 2022 – Askrigg to Middleham – 14.2m I feel completely done-in! I’m sitting in the Richard III in Middleham after having walked the 14.5 miles from Askrigg, had

Long Distance Paths

Yoredale Way 2022 – Day 1

3rd August 2022 – Garsdale Head to Askrigg – 11.9m I’m feeling knackered right now and it’s not even 9am, furthermore I’ve not even started walking yet! I don’t think

Long Distance Paths

Yoredale Way 2022 – Day 0

2nd August 2022 – Home to Garsdale Head It was absolutely lashing it down when I left the house this morning. I’d planned to leave about 8am, but when the

Long Distance Paths

Dales Tip-to-Tip – Day 1

2nd July 2022: Ellishaw Hill to Burnsall Bridge – 10.1m Regular readers may remember a post from the back end of last year where I planned a ‘Dales Adventure‘ –


July #MicroAdventure

Our walking calendars finally aligned, allowing us to meet up for a weekend of walking, camping and catching up. After an incredible exchange of emails and GPX files, Matt (@hillplodder)

Long Distance Paths

The Pennine Way Process

It was now or never really. I’d been waiting until as close to deadline as possible to conduct a comprehensive village survey for the Pennine Way guide book update. I

Long Distance Paths

Cotswold Way – Complete!

Alex and I walked the final two days of the Cotswold Way at the weekend, finishing at the doors of Bath Abbey only 15 months after setting out from Chipping


Website Updates

I’ve been having a play with PHP and mySQL – for the non-techies out there – that’s not some super-dooper new waterproof fabric, it’s website scripting (PHP) and back-end database


Walk Report: Malvern Hills

Date: 24th Jul 2010 Stats: 9.5 miles, 2800 feet Weather: Warm, light breeze, overcast Trig Points: 1: TP0724 – Malvern County Tops: 1: Herefordshire Other Info: Free parking at both


Walk Report: Stanage Edge

I desperately wanted to get out today – I’ve not walked further than round the supermarket for three weeks as I’ve been resting my recently repaired knee – and the


Walk Report: Aysgarth to Askrigg

I avoided Cumbria last weekend – for obvious reasons, and my thoughts go out to everyone affected by the floods. I went instead to Yorkshire and chose a walk along


Walk Report: Rogan’s Seat

Date: 5th Sep 2009 Stats: 13.0 miles, 2200 feet Weather: Sunny to begin, windy and cloudy tops, rain starting later Trig Points: 1: TP6768 – Water Crag Yorks Top 30:


Walk Report: Wild Boar Fell

Date: 30th Aug 2009 Location: Dales Distance: 12.0 miles Weather: Sunny to begin, cloudy tops, spitting rain, windy, very, very wet underfoot Ascent: 2500 feet Trig Points: 1: TP6943 –