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Trig Point Database

A few weeks ago I created an Excel spreadsheet of all the UK trig points, in order to allow fellow trig point enthusiasts the ability to search for these iconic


Website Updates

I’ve been having a play with PHP and mySQL – for the non-techies out there – that’s not some super-dooper new waterproof fabric, it’s website scripting (PHP) and back-end database


Prepare to be bombarded

I’m about to move all my walk reports from the unwieldy and static website to the much more dynamic medium of the diary and in future any walk reports I


Several Walks Added

I’ve not been well for the past couple of weeks, it wasn’t swine flu, but a combination throat and chest infection left me unable to go to work for a


City Walking

Not the most appealing of titles for a walking site, but often we are forced to traverse cities, either to get to the start of a walk, or in this