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Testing the WordPress App

I’ve had loads of problems with the WordPress app on Android recently. Hopefully this latest update will fix it. A couple of photos from the weekend. I have to have this sorted before early May, when I set out for Scotland.



Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be transitioning the site to a new template – all you RSS readers can stop reading now, you’ll not know the difference 🙂 During the transitional period there will be a mix of old and new content format, so please forgive the half-dressed...


Anti-Spam Techniques

This post is in the way of an apology to anyone who may have a problem posting a comment on this site form now on. Over the past few months I’ve been absolutely bombarded by spam comments to this blog – literally several hundred a day – far too many...


"SpamFree" Blog – I hope….

I get loads of ideas for various things by reading other people’s blogs. Mostly kit I have to admit, but more recently I’ve been interested in spam filters. Over at BG, Bearded Git has been trialling a WordPress plug-in that is supposed to completely remove all spam entries from the blog...


New Name

The WordPress v2.8 upgrade seemed to go okay and it’s fixed my admin issue thankfully. I’ve also made the slight change to the blog’s name; hopefully that will make it a little more sensible for those using a reader. I need to check a few things – namely iPhone posts,...


More Maintenance

I have some more back office maintenance tasks to perform over the next few hours; I’ll be updating to v2.8 of WordPress, in order to try and resolve an admin problem I’ve been suffering from. Although posting and browsing seems to be working okay and comments are coming through, it...


Bloody typical!

I’ve worked with the old WordPress version for over a year, putting off upgrading several times and now I’ve bitten the bullet and made the leap from 2.5 to 2.7 – they announce a new version (2.8) to be released next Wednesday! D’Oh!


All working?

If this post goes live then I’ve successfully upgraded my WordPress and I can now use the WordPress app for the iPhone. This is much better than iBlogger, mainly due to the fact that I can now manage comments from the same interface I post from. I can also add...


Fingers Crossed!

Things may look a little odd round here for the next few hours (hopefully, rather than the next few days), as I’m upgrading my WordPress software to the latest release, to take advantage of one or two nifty new features. This will mean disabling my theme and removing my plugins...