I’ve had loads of problems with the WordPress app on Android recently. Hopefully this latest update will fix it.

A couple of photos from the weekend.




I have to have this sorted before early May, when I set out for Scotland.

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2 thoughts on “Testing the WordPress App”

    1. I think the problem lies with the way the app connects to the server. I have a self-hosted blog and the hosting provider has anti-spam and security measures in place that limit the number of API calls to the server within a specific period. The app uses too many API calls and the ISP sees this as an attack and blocks the IP address from making any more calls for an hour. The post I made got through OK in this instance, but my site was blocked when I tried to view the post a minute later. So the app is still not working with my instance – you may not have the same problem, it depends on your ISP and whether you’re using self-hosted WordPress or not.

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