Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who’s commented on the blog over the last few days. I’m pleased you seemed to enjoy what I had to say and I really enjoyed reading them.
I’ll try and answer all the questions you posed in the next couple of days once I get home and have a proper platform to read and reply to messages.

Thank You!

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4 thoughts on “Thanks Everyone!”

  1. Thanks for an excellent site, Stuart. I am attempting the Coast to Coast Walk on Sunday (24th July) and found your site extremely interesting. You’ve obviously put a lot of hours into this project – l salute you sir!

  2. Roger – Cape Wrath Trail is on the “to do” list – but I’m just not fit enough at the moment to consider carrying all my gear for 2 weeks – I have the book and route is mapped in MM – just need to get fit for it.

    Richard – 99% of people I meet on the hills – or on the approaches to hills – will say hello or wave or greet me in some way. I have had several, what I call “Magic Ring” moments in my time though – those are the times when I must have slipped on the magic ring of invisibility by accident and my presence goes completely unnoticed by fellow walkers. The ones that walk towards you and avoid any sort of eye contact or communication are the ones that worry me though 🙂

  3. No, thanks to you Stuart. It’s been a great read when I’ve needed to escape from the office. One comment; it’s a shame that you came across more than one set of people who blanked you. City manners I guess?

  4. Stuart
    Well done a great couple of weeks for you and everyone following you, looking forward to your next adventure, how about the cape wrath trail.
    All the best.

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