frontcover_sm I’ve just sent my latest book for publishing – which sounds awfully grand – but isn’t really. It just means it’s been completed, formatted and proof read and is now submitted to the on-line printing service I use.

This is a guide book for a walk through the Yorkshire Dales – a seven-day, 96 mile walk alongside the rivers and tributaries of the Dales. The walk and its name were devised by Mike Schofield – I’ve taken his original route notes, re-walked and re-worked them and produced this guide book to the Tributaries Walk.

It’s almost a sequel to the last book I did Walking the Herriot Way, which is a four-day, 55 mile walk through James Herriot country. It allows readers and walkers who enjoyed this book to step up a level and undertake a slightly longer, slightly more demanding walk.

I’ve stuck to Mike’s original guiding principle that walkers should interact with their surroundings, the historical and geographical features they pass and walk through. The book asks the reader to collect and record the answers to a number of questions that are posed as they walk. A date-stone over a doorway perhaps, or the name of a bridge or viaduct they walk over.

Readers who provide a full set of answers and solve an additional navigational puzzle at the end of the walk, can qualify for a prize, provided by Mike Schofield.

Unlike the previous book, this walk is not widely recognised, but it’s a marvellous route with some stunning scenery; both high moor and green valley and there is plenty to see and do along the length of the walk. I’ve made it so the first couple of days are fairly easy and the then the day lengths build up, as does the daily height gain. Walkers can ease themselves into the route, with the knowledge that their luggage is being transported for them and a lovely warm bath and comfortable bed awaits them each evening.

If you need more information see the website – or drop me a line.

The Tributaries Walk

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