Thieving little scrotes!!

I am now in the market for one or two new items of kit, namely;

  • day pack,
  • 2 x waterproof roll bags,
  • lightweight waterproof coat,
  • waterproof overtrousers,
  • fleece,
  • head torch,
  • whistle,
  • first aid kit,
  • silk baselayers,
  • 2 x warm hats,
  • balaclava,
  • waterproof gloves,
  • 2 x pair warm gloves
  • other small miscellaneous items that don’t spring readily to mind.

Why, I hear you cry, so much stuff in one shopping expedition? And surely this is kit you should already have? And of course, you are right on both points.

The other night my car was ransacked by local scrotes – they took nothing of any value to them – nothing they could sell on in the pubs to pay for the next rock of crack or ounce of weed – just my walking kit – almost all of it.

I had been up to Kinder and due to the changeable weather, I’d packed all my winter kit and all my summer kit in the car in my two rucksacks, I then chose the appropriate one on the day depending on the weather. Unfortunately I left all the kit in the car overnight after the walk and somehow managed to leave the boot unlocked, but the front of the car secured. The opportunistic little toerags opened the boot and grabbed what they could.

Fortunately – and if there is any bright side to this then this is it – they ditched my boot bag in the neighbours garden, with my boots still in it. They also ditched the larger of the two rucksacks, but completely emptied.

My insurance company, predictably, told me I wasn’t insured. Apparently there has to be signs of violence and damage on the vehicle before they will consider paying out. As the boot and doors were undamaged I was not insured.

That means I now have to replace half my walking gear within the next 5 weeks – before I set off on the C2C.

That means hours of infuriating kit selection, comparison and trips to the high street to try on various items. Something I detest, but something I cannot afford not to do.

Ho hum.

I will keep you informed of progress along the kit replacement road.

9 thoughts on “Thieving little scrotes!!”

  1. Update: I’ve replaced all the important kit – waterproof shell (top and bottom), head torch, day pack and cold weather gear and it came to about £400. Surprisingly, I chose the same jacket as I had previously and the same overtrousers – I wasn’t expecting that.

    Thanks for all the support.
    Happy walking 🙂

  2. Shitheads, we had the same thing happen to us in Canada,so its not just an English disease, totally spoilt our holiday especially as we had to shell out for new gear to continue.

  3. Thanks to you both – and thanks Martin for the offer – depending on how I get on over the weekend (shopping in Ambleside after a morning walk from Troutbeck), I may well drop you a line.

  4. Scum buckets. I have some spare kit you can borrow/have for your C2C. Golite Pinnicle, stove, pot set etc. Give us a call if you need anything and I can help I will. You have my email.

  5. Clearly it doesn’t pay to be honest with insurance companies, I had a similar situation with a mountain bike a few years ago. On the brightside you can update your kit with all the latest nice and shiny gear 🙂

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