Yorkshire Dales Tops

The Yorkshire Dales Tops – The New Challenge

After an electronic conversation with a fellow Yorkshire Top bagger – who I’d managed to confuse by the rather arbitrary inclusion of some hills in my original list – I decided to put a little bit of science behind the Yorkshire Top list. The result is a completely bespoke list, based on a set of parameters I’ve defined myself, but offering a large number of new hills to be climbed before I can consider it complete. The list is primarily based on the Database of British Hills – a superb reference site and fast becoming my de-facto hill information source.

The boundary I have set for this new hill list is the Yorkshire Dales National Park. This is a much easier boundary to identify than the English county of “Yorkshire” and is not confused by historic county boundaries or irrational hill inclusions based on “it’s always been in Yorkshire” type judgements. This boundary selection does exclude some hills which you would expect to be in there though – Nine Standards Rigg being one and Wild Boar Fell being another.

If a fell lies within about 100 metres of the bounday then it may be included – again my judgement call – and an example of this is Swarth Fell – the summit of which lies about 50 yards outside the National Park boundary, but the vast majority of the fell lies within it. Many of the northern Howgill Fells also fall outside the boundary – so don’t expect to find Yarlside or Randygill Top in this list.

Interactive Map

Click the map below to go to an interactive map of the Dales Tops. This uses Bing Maps and opens in a new window

The Dales Tops Interactive Map

The Dales Tops Interactive Map

Yorkshire’s Top 30 Hills – Ascent Table

No. Hill Name Classification(s) Height First Ascent Total Ascents

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