Yorkshire Dales Tops

The Yorkshire Dales Tops – The New Challenge

After an electronic conversation with a fellow Yorkshire Top bagger – who I’d managed to confuse by the rather arbitrary inclusion of some hills in my original list – I decided to put a little bit of science behind the Yorkshire Top list. The result is a completely bespoke list, based on a set of parameters I’ve defined myself, but offering a large number of new hills to be climbed before I can consider it complete. The list is primarily based on the Database of British Hills – a superb reference site and fast becoming my de-facto hill information source.

The boundary I have set for this new hill list is the Yorkshire Dales National Park. This is a much easier boundary to identify than the English county of “Yorkshire” and is not confused by historic county boundaries or irrational hill inclusions based on “it’s always been in Yorkshire” type judgements. This boundary selection does exclude some hills which you would expect to be in there though – Nine Standards Rigg being one and Wild Boar Fell being another.

If a fell lies within about 100 metres of the bounday then it may be included – again my judgement call – and an example of this is Swarth Fell – the summit of which lies about 50 yards outside the National Park boundary, but the vast majority of the fell lies within it. Many of the northern Howgill Fells also fall outside the boundary – so don’t expect to find Yarlside or Randygill Top in this list.

Interactive Map

Click the map below to go to an interactive map of the Dales Tops. This uses Bing Maps and opens in a new window

The Dales Tops Interactive Map
The Dales Tops Interactive Map

Yorkshire Dales, All Tops – Ascent Table

No.Hill Name Hill ClassesHeightFirst AscentNo. Asc
1Abbot Hills41362 ft, 415.00 m0
2Addlebrough4,sHu1578 ft, 481.00 m28/05/20161
3Arant HawSim,51985 ft, 605.00 m13/08/20111
4Archy Styrigg [Gregory Chapel]N,sSim2280 ft, 695.00 m24/04/20103
5Ash Fell31263 ft, 385.00 m29/07/20161
6Aye Gill PikeMa,51824 ft, 556.00 m27/06/20091
7Barbon Low FellHu,41437 ft, 438.00 m0
8Baugh Fell - Tarn Rigg HillMa,Sim,Hew,N2224 ft, 678.00 m17/04/20101
9Beacon Hill31286 ft, 392.00 m30/05/20092
10Birkett Common31155 ft, 352.00 m0
11Birks FellMa,Sim,Hew,N2001 ft, 610.00 m21/01/20121
12Black Hill41535 ft, 468.00 m0
13Blaydike Moss51673 ft, 510.00 m10/07/20101
14Blea Barfs51778 ft, 542.00 m0
15Blea MoorHu,51755 ft, 535.00 m27/01/20072
16Blease Fell41555 ft, 474.00 m0
17Bluecaster31132 ft, 345.00 m30/07/20161
18Bram Rigg TopN2205 ft, 672.00 m22/08/20091
19Brown Bank41427 ft, 435.00 m01/09/20151
20Brown Haw51916 ft, 584.00 m27/05/20161
21Brown Moor41352 ft, 412.00 m0
22Buckden PikeMa,Sim,Hew,N2303 ft, 702.00 m15/08/20065
23Bush HoweN2044 ft, 623.00 m22/08/20092
24CaldersSim,Hew,N2216 ft, 675.40 m04/10/20083
25Calf TopMa,Sim,Hew,N2000 ft, 609.60 m05/01/20081
26Calver Hill [Reeth Low Moor]4,sHu1598 ft, 487.00 m16/06/20121
27Cam Rakes [Oughtershaw Common] [Cocklee Fell]Hu,51650 ft, 503.00 m20/02/20101
28Castle Knott51765 ft, 538.00 m05/01/20081
29Clapham High Marks51729 ft, 527.00 m06/04/20121
30Cleasby Hills51677 ft, 511.00 m0
31Cracoe FellMa,51666 ft, 507.80 m27/03/20102
32Crier Hill1545 ft, 166.00 m0
33Darnbrook FellSim,Hew,N2047 ft, 624.00 m08/11/20081
34Docker Knotts51739 ft, 530.00 m01/06/20131
35Dodd Fell HillMa,Sim,Hew,N2192 ft, 668.00 m18/07/20092
36DrumaldraceSim,Hew,N2014 ft, 614.00 m18/07/20091
37Elbolton31142 ft, 348.00 m0
38Feizor Thwaite31099 ft, 335.00 m0
39Fell Head3991 ft, 302.00 m0
40Fell HeadSim,Hew,N2099 ft, 639.90 m22/08/20094
41Flasby Fell2928 ft, 283.00 m0
42Fountains Fell South TopMa,Sim,Hew,N2192 ft, 668.00 m08/11/20082
43Fountains FellN2172 ft, 662.00 m27/02/20102
44GragarethSim,Hew,N,CoU,CoA2060 ft, 628.00 m05/07/20082
45Great Close Hill41526 ft, 465.00 m25/07/20151
46Great CoumMa,Sim,Hew,N2254 ft, 687.00 m05/07/20082
47Great Knoutberry HillMa,Sim,Hew,N2205 ft, 672.00 m13/02/20102
48Great Pinseat51913 ft, 583.00 m21/08/20101
49Great Shunner FellMa,Sim,Hew,N2349 ft, 716.00 m07/09/20059
50Great WhernsideMa,Sim,Hew,N2310 ft, 704.00 m15/08/20062
51Green BellSim,51985 ft, 605.00 m07/02/20092
52Green HillN,sSim2059 ft, 627.50 m05/07/20082
53Green Park Hill2807 ft, 246.00 m0
54GrizedalesHu,51814 ft, 553.00 m07/08/20101
55Hand Lake41639 ft, 499.60 m10/03/20121
56Harland Hill51755 ft, 535.00 m26/03/20112
57Harter FellHu,51709 ft, 521.00 m31/03/20121
58Hazelgill Knott51896 ft, 578.00 m25/02/20122
59Height of HazelyHu,51814 ft, 553.00 m26/03/20111
60Hellifield Haw2712 ft, 217.00 m0
61Helms Knott3994 ft, 303.00 m0
62High Crag41378 ft, 420.00 m0
63High Crag31171 ft, 357.00 m27/03/20102
64High Green Field KnottSim,51979 ft, 603.20 m10/07/20101
65High Hill31306 ft, 398.00 m0
66High Pikes51762 ft, 537.00 m0
67High SeatHu,Sim,Hew,N2326 ft, 709.00 m24/04/20103
68Hoggs Hill41411 ft, 430.00 m0
69Holme Knott31214 ft, 370.00 m0
70Hooksey51923 ft, 586.00 m25/05/20131
71HooveMa,51820 ft, 554.60 m30/07/20111
72Horrows Hill2679 ft, 207.00 m0
73Horse Head MoorSim,51999 ft, 609.30 m06/04/20072
74Hugh SeatN,sSim2260 ft, 689.00 m24/04/20104
75Hunter Bark31047 ft, 319.00 m03/04/20101
76Hutton's Monument3994 ft, 303.00 m0
77IngleboroughMa,Sim,Hew,N2375 ft, 724.00 m08/12/20079
78Kail Hill3994 ft, 303.00 m0
79Kelleth Rigg31043 ft, 318.00 m0
80Kensgriff51883 ft, 574.00 m07/02/20093
81Kirkby Fell51793 ft, 546.40 m19/11/20111
82KisdonMa,41636 ft, 498.60 m10/09/20111
83KnottHu,41352 ft, 412.00 m30/05/20091
84Knotts31001 ft, 305.00 m0
85Knoutberry HawN,sSim2218 ft, 676.00 m17/04/20101
86Langdale Knott41565 ft, 477.00 m0
87Langerton Hill2912 ft, 278.00 m02/01/20121
88Linghaw41636 ft, 498.80 m13/08/20113
89Little Asby Scar31168 ft, 356.00 m0
90Little FellSim,Hew,N2188 ft, 667.00 m24/04/20102
91Little Fells51834 ft, 559.00 m06/04/20131
92Long Scar Pike [Coalpit Hill]41316 ft, 401.00 m0
93Lovely SeatHu,Sim,Hew,N,sMa2214 ft, 674.70 m17/07/20101
94Malham Moor41348 ft, 411.00 m0
95Melbecks Moors51896 ft, 578.00 m0
96Moughton41401 ft, 427.00 m16/12/20062
97Naughtberry Hill51880 ft, 573.00 m06/07/20132
98Nettle HillHu,31253 ft, 382.00 m23/07/20161
99Newton Moor Top2955 ft, 291.00 m03/04/20101
100Oxnop Common - Blackstone51916 ft, 584.00 m14/10/20101
101Park Fell51847 ft, 563.00 m14/02/20093
102Parson's PulpitHu,51765 ft, 538.00 m27/11/20102
103Pen-y-ghentMa,Sim,Hew,N2277 ft, 694.00 m27/08/20066
104Pickerstone Ridge51854 ft, 565.00 m12/06/20101
105Plover HillSim,Hew,N2231 ft, 679.90 m05/06/20103
106Proctor High Mark51742 ft, 531.00 m27/11/20102
107Randygill TopHu,Sim,Hew,N2047 ft, 624.00 m25/07/20092
108Redshaw Moss [Snaizeholme Fell]51788 ft, 545.00 m24/08/20111
109Robert's Seats51801 ft, 549.00 m0
110Rogan's SeatMa,Sim,Hew,N2205 ft, 672.00 m05/09/20091
111Rough Haw31112 ft, 339.00 m0
112Rye Loaf Hill51795 ft, 547.00 m03/04/20101
113SailsO2185 ft, 666.00 m24/04/20101
114Sharp HawMa,31171 ft, 357.00 m22/09/20111
115Shawrigg Hill2771 ft, 235.00 m0
116Simon Fell North TopSim,Hew,N2133 ft, 650.00 m14/02/20092
117Simon FellUn2054 ft, 626.00 m14/02/20092
118Simon's SeatHu,41591 ft, 485.00 m23/10/20101
119Simon's Seat51926 ft, 587.00 m10/03/20121
120Smearsett ScarHu,31191 ft, 363.00 m26/08/20063
121Stony BandUn1959 ft, 597.00 m02/06/20181
122Swarth Fell PikeSim,Hew,N2234 ft, 681.00 m30/08/20093
123Swarth FellxN2136 ft, 651.00 m03/07/20112
124Talebrigg Hill2787 ft, 240.00 m0
125Tarn Seat [Conny Tammy Currack] [The Fleak]51808 ft, 551.00 m14/10/20101
126Terry Bank2666 ft, 203.00 m0
127The CalfMa,Sim,Hew,N2218 ft, 676.00 m04/10/20084
128The Old Pike41312 ft, 400.00 m27/12/20111
129Thorpe Fell Tops51660 ft, 506.00 m27/03/20102
130Three Mile Hill2676 ft, 206.00 m0
131Thwaite Scars41339 ft, 408.00 m0
132Tor Mere TopxN2060 ft, 628.00 m15/08/20063
133Uldale HeadHu,51745 ft, 532.00 m10/03/20121
134Wandale HillHu,41631 ft, 497.00 m31/03/20121
135Warrendale Knotts41444 ft, 440.00 m06/03/20081
136Water CragN,sSim2192 ft, 668.00 m05/09/20091
137Weets Top41358 ft, 414.00 m06/03/20102
138West Fell51778 ft, 542.00 m25/02/20122
139WhernsideMa,Sim,Hew,N,CoH,CoU,CoA2415 ft, 736.00 m17/11/20078
140White Mossy HillxN2162 ft, 659.00 m05/05/20064
141Wild Boar Fell East TopMa,Sim,Hew,N2323 ft, 708.00 m30/08/20094
142Wild Boar FellUn2320 ft, 707.00 m30/08/20093
143Winder41552 ft, 473.00 m04/10/20083
144Wold Fell51834 ft, 559.00 m28/08/20102
145Woldside51955 ft, 596.00 m30/05/20151
146Woodhall GreetsUn1759 ft, 536.00 m0
147YarlsideMa,Sim,Hew,N2096 ft, 639.00 m25/07/20092
148Yockenthwaite MoorSim,Hew,N2110 ft, 643.00 m26/06/20102

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