The Dales 30

Yorkshire's Top 30 - The Original List

My original “Yorkshire Top 30” challenge was a rather unscientific collection of 31 hills with spot heights over 2000 feet, many in Yorkshire and some not (although they would have been at some point in the past). It didn’t include an almost equal number of hills with spot heights (on the OS maps) over 2000 feet, that had been omitted for no logical reason. It also included hill summits with almost no “prominence” whatsoever – that is (in very simplistic terms) the height difference between the summit and its surroundings. (A more detailed and quite interesting discussion of topographical prominence can be found here).

The Dales 30

After some internal debate I abandoned my original list of fells, and adopted the list compiled by Johnny Smith in his book “The Dales 30“. This is a much more logical selection of the highest 30 hills inside the boundary of the Dales National Park. This boundary was extended in 2016 and Johnny’s list reflects this change.

I first completed this list on 21st January 2012 and this prompted the question “what next?”. The simple answer was the “Yorkshire Tops” bagging list. A much more scientific and exhaustive examination of the summits and high points of the Yorkshire Dales National Park. This list is discussed in more detail on this page.

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The Dales 30 - Ascent Table

No.Hill Name Hill ClassesHeightFirst AscentNo. Asc
1Baugh Fell - Tarn Rigg HillMa,Sim,Hew,N2224 ft, 678.00 m17/04/20101
2Birks FellMa,Sim,Hew,N2001 ft, 610.00 m21/01/20121
3Bram Rigg TopN2205 ft, 672.00 m22/08/20091
4Buckden PikeMa,Sim,Hew,N2303 ft, 702.00 m15/08/20065
5CaldersSim,Hew,N2216 ft, 675.40 m04/10/20083
6Darnbrook FellSim,Hew,N2047 ft, 624.00 m08/11/20081
7Dodd Fell HillMa,Sim,Hew,N2192 ft, 668.00 m18/07/20092
8DrumaldraceSim,Hew,N2014 ft, 614.00 m18/07/20091
9Fell HeadSim,Hew,N2099 ft, 639.90 m22/08/20094
10Fountains FellMa,Sim,Hew,N2192 ft, 668.00 m08/11/20082
11GragarethSim,Hew,N,CoU,CoA2060 ft, 628.00 m05/07/20082
12Great CoumMa,Sim,Hew,N2254 ft, 687.00 m05/07/20082
13Great Knoutberry HillMa,Sim,Hew,N2205 ft, 672.00 m13/02/20102
14Great Shunner FellMa,Sim,Hew,N2349 ft, 716.00 m07/09/20059
15Great WhernsideMa,Sim,Hew,N2310 ft, 704.00 m15/08/20062
16High SeatHu,Sim,Hew,N2326 ft, 709.00 m24/04/20103
17Hugh SeatN,sSim2260 ft, 689.00 m24/04/20104
18IngleboroughMa,Sim,Hew,N2375 ft, 724.00 m08/12/20079
19Lovely SeatHu,Sim,Hew,N,sMa2214 ft, 674.70 m17/07/20101
20Nine Standards RiggMa,Sim,Hew,N2172 ft, 662.00 m05/05/20064
21Pen-y-ghentMa,Sim,Hew,N2277 ft, 694.00 m27/08/20066
22Plover HillSim,Hew,N2231 ft, 679.90 m05/06/20103
23Rogan's SeatMa,Sim,Hew,N2205 ft, 672.00 m05/09/20091
24Simon FellSim,Hew,N2133 ft, 650.00 m14/02/20092
25Swarth FellSim,Hew,N2234 ft, 681.00 m30/08/20093
26The CalfMa,Sim,Hew,N2218 ft, 676.00 m04/10/20084
27WhernsideMa,Sim,Hew,N,CoH,CoU,CoA2415 ft, 736.00 m17/11/20078
28Wild Boar FellMa,Sim,Hew,N2323 ft, 708.00 m30/08/20094
29YarlsideMa,Sim,Hew,N2096 ft, 639.00 m25/07/20092
30Yockenthwaite MoorSim,Hew,N2110 ft, 643.00 m26/06/20102

Walks that visit the Dales 30

No.Date Walk NameDistAscentYorkshires Top 30 on this walk
102/06/2018Garsdale Head to Muker13.6 m2100 ftGreat Shunner Fell
212/05/2018Thrang Bridge to Eden Source9.4 m1600 ftHugh Seat
310/04/2017Keld to Kirkby Stephen13.6 m1900 ftNine Standards Rigg
404/09/2015Hardraw to Kirby Stephen Station15.9 m2500 ftGreat Shunner Fell, Hugh Seat, High Seat
503/09/2015Buckden to Hardraw16.0 m2100 ftDodd Fell Hill
630/05/2015Woldside14.0 m1700 ftYockenthwaite Moor
702/04/2015Horton to Sedbergh22.6 m3900 ftIngleborough, Whernside
821/03/2015Apedale to Kettlewell18.0 m2600 ftBuckden Pike
931/01/2015Plover Hill Day 14.7 m1600 ftPlover Hill
1028/12/2014Fountains Fell Day 16.2 m1300 ftFountains Fell
1106/05/2014Hardraw to Keld11.2 m2500 ftGreat Shunner Fell
1210/11/2013Hardraw to Tan Hill16.2 m3200 ftGreat Shunner Fell
1324/08/2013Harrow Hill to Horton-in-Ribblesdale21.9 m3500 ftPen-y-ghent
1431/07/2013Whernside12.0 m2300 ftWhernside
1506/07/2013Naughtberry Hill10.8 m2100 ftBuckden Pike
1629/06/2013Garsdale to Ribblehead12.0 m2100 ftGreat Knoutberry Hill
1701/06/2013Carlin Gill6.4 m2100 ftFell Head
1825/05/2013Hooksey & The Calf12.4 m3500 ftThe Calf, Yarlside
1913/04/2013Ingleborough from Clapham13.5 m2700 ftIngleborough
2006/04/2013Wild Boar Fell12.4 m2600 ftWild Boar Fell, Swarth Fell
2112/01/2013Mallerstang Edge9.6 m2000 ftHigh Seat, Hugh Seat
2215/12/2012Buckden Pike4.6 m1600 ftBuckden Pike
2315/07/2012Whernside8.0 m1700 ftWhernside
2414/07/2012Ingleborough & Pen-y-Ghent15.7 m3500 ftIngleborough, Pen-y-ghent, Simon Fell
2507/07/2012Ease Gill & Great Coum9.6 m2200 ftGreat Coum, Gragareth
2614/04/2012Ingleborough & Whernside15.6 m3700 ftWhernside, Ingleborough
2710/03/2012Uldale Head and Simon's Seat10.4 m3100 ftFell Head
2821/01/2012Birks Fell10.0 m1600 ftBirks Fell
2901/10/2011Ingleborough12.2 m2700 ftIngleborough
3003/09/2011Ingleborough from Ingleton11.0 m2200 ftIngleborough
3113/08/2011Ling Haw & Arant Haw11.5 m2900 ftThe Calf, Calders, Fell Head
3203/07/2011Wild Boar Fell9.0 m2000 ftWild Boar Fell, Swarth Fell
3318/06/2011Keld to Kirkby Stephen12.0 m1400 ftNine Standards Rigg
3412/03/2011Whernside11.0 m1800 ftWhernside
3516/10/2010Pen-y-Ghent & Plover Hill9.0 m1900 ftPen-y-ghent, Plover Hill
3617/07/2010Lovely Seat8.0 m1600 ftLovely Seat
3726/06/2010Yockenthwaite Moor9.0 m1900 ftYockenthwaite Moor
3805/06/2010Plover Hill9.5 m1800 ftPlover Hill
3912/05/2010Hawes to Keld12.5 m2400 ftGreat Shunner Fell
4010/05/2010Malham to Horton15.0 m2900 ftPen-y-ghent
4124/04/2010Mallerstang Edge12.0 m2100 ftHigh Seat, Hugh Seat
4217/04/2010Baugh Fell11.5 m2100 ftBaugh Fell - Tarn Rigg Hill
4313/02/2010Great Knoutberry11.5 m2000 ftGreat Knoutberry Hill
4406/02/2010Whernside12.0 m2200 ftWhernside
4507/11/2009Great Shunner Fell9.5 m1700 ftGreat Shunner Fell
4617/10/2009Great Shunner Fell11.5 m2400 ftGreat Shunner Fell
4705/09/2009Rogan's Seat13.0 m2200 ftRogan's Seat
4830/08/2009Wild Boar Fell12.0 m2500 ftWild Boar Fell, Swarth Fell
4922/08/2009Fell Head & The Calf11.0 m2800 ftThe Calf, Calders, Bram Rigg Top, Fell Head
5025/07/2009Yarlside13.0 m2700 ftYarlside
5118/07/2009Dodd Fell Hill12.0 m1900 ftDodd Fell Hill, Drumaldrace
5204/05/2009Kirkby Stephen to Keld11.5 m2200 ftNine Standards Rigg
5314/02/2009Ingleborough & Park Fell11.0 m2200 ftIngleborough, Simon Fell
5408/11/2008Fountains Fell10.0 m1800 ftFountains Fell, Darnbrook Fell
5518/10/2008Great Shunner Fell10.0 m1700 ftGreat Shunner Fell
5604/10/2008The Calf8.5 m2400 ftThe Calf, Calders
5705/07/2008Gragareth & Great Coum14.5 m2000 ftGreat Coum, Gragareth
5814/06/2008Yorkshire 3 Peaks24.0 m5300 ftWhernside, Ingleborough, Pen-y-ghent
5907/06/2008Great Whernside & Buckden Pike15.0 m2600 ftGreat Whernside, Buckden Pike
6008/12/2007Ingleborough11.5 m2400 ftIngleborough
6117/11/2007Whernside8.0 m1700 ftWhernside
6227/08/2006Horton to Ribblehead10.5 m2200 ftPen-y-ghent
6315/08/2006Great Whernside & Buckden Pike14.5 m2700 ftGreat Whernside, Buckden Pike
6405/05/2006Kirkby Stephen to Keld12.0 m2100 ftNine Standards Rigg
6507/09/2005Keld to Hawes13.0 m3000 ftGreat Shunner Fell

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