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Earlier this week I received a review copy of the latest edition of Trailblazer’s Guide Book to The Ridgeway. This is due for national release on 27th Feb and should retail for about £12.

The route has been completely re-walked by Nick Hill (he’s the genius behind most of the fantastic mapping included in the Trailblazer guides) and all the town and village information, B&B and support services information has been completely updated.

If you’re walking the Ridgeway this year then make sure you’re ordering this updated edition – the cover art has changed, so that makes identification a little easier.

I walked the Ridgeway (in sections) last year and although I used the second edition of the Trailblazer guide book you certainly don’t need it to follow the path. The route is tortuously signposted and it would be very hard indeed to get lost along the path.

However, as with all the Trailblazer guides I’ve seen so far, the book is crammed with all the other information you need to plan, prepare and book the walking holiday. This is another one-stop-shop for potential Ridgeway walkers.

The GPS waypoints are available from the website, but as with other waypoint downloads, you need to check them against a map before relying too heavily on them. The quality of signposting makes them pretty much redundant however.

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1 thought on “Trailblazer Ridgeway Guide 3rd ED”

  1. While I can’t comment on the revised version of the Trailblazer guide to The Ridgeway, I can certainly confirm your assessment and the fact that Nick Hill’s previous edition is excellent. As you have said elsewhere, the high quality of the Trailblazer series is to be commended!

    I walked the Ridgeway in December and relied almost entirely on the Trailblazer guide (the 3rd edition wasn’t yet in print). My GPS was inoperable and, excepting the occasional glance at the Harvey route map for a wider perspective, I relied entirely on the 2nd edition of the Trailblazer guide for both direction finding and logistical preparations.

    The two wrong turns I made on the trail were the result of (my) human error. In addition to the GPS waymarks, the Trailblazer site often has useful updates which are worth checking before you head out on this wonderful walk. Both the guide and the trail are highly recommended! TJ

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