UK Trig Point Tables

Dartmoor Trig Points

These are the trig points that fall within the boundary of the Dartmoor National Park. This list may include trig points that are very slightly outside the boundary, if the bulk of the hill on which they stand lies inside.

You can download this table for use in Memory Map. You may also be able to convert the file to something that can be used in other digital mapping products if you use a program like GPSBabel to manage the conversion. (You will need WinZip to unpack this file)

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Trig Point Table

No. TP:UK Ref Trig Name Type Condition First Visits Total Visits
1 TP1244 Bel Tor Pillar Good 0
2 TP1247 Bellever Tor Pillar Good 0
3 TP1546 Bowden Pillar Good 0
4 TP1615 Brent Hill Pillar Good 0
5 TP14411 Brentor Church Tower Centre Intersected Station Good 0
6 TP0545 Bridford FBM Good 0
7 TP1822 Butterdon Pillar Good 0
8 TP2063 Cawsand Hill Pillar Good 0
9 TP2477 Cox Tor Pillar Good 0
10 TP2536 Cramber Tor Pillar Good 0
11 TP2539 Cranbrook Castle Pillar Moved 0
12 TP2829 Drascombe Pillar Good 2010-03-12 1
13 TP2960 Easdon Tor Pillar Good 0
14 TP3462 Great Links Pillar Good 0
15 TP3588 Hameldown Tor Pillar Good 0
16 TP21721 Haslemere House Spire Intersected Station Good 0
17 TP3732 Henlake Down Pillar Good 0
18 TP4393 Lee Moor Pillar Good 0
19 TP5159 North Hessary Tor Pillar Good 0
20 TP5384 Penn Beacon Pillar Slightly damaged 0
21 TP5686 Ringmoor Down Pillar Good 0
22 TP5689 Rippon Tor Pillar Slightly damaged 0
23 TP5707 Roborough Down Pillar Good 0
24 TP5778 Ryders Hill Pillar Good 0
25 TP5919 Shaugh Moor Pillar Good 0
26 TP6061 Sourton Tors Pillar Slightly damaged 0
27 TP6466 Three Barrows Pillar Good 0
28 TP6708 Wallaford Down Pillar Good 0
29 TP6827 Westcott Farm Pillar Good 0
30 TP7256 Yelverton FBM Possibly missing 0
31 TP7101 Yes Tor Pillar Good 2010-03-12 1