Typical weekend weather

Why is it that the weather is great all week and then turns nasty at the weekend?

Whilst sitting in the car or the house or the office at work all week it is my perception that the weather has generally been pretty good. All right it is the English summer time, so we’ve had some scattered showers and cloud, but on the whole it’s been warm and sunny with very little wind to speak of.

As soon as Friday comes round though and I start to wonder what the weekend has in store for me, it’s dark clouds, torrential rain and high winds! It’s enough to make me want to emigrate.

I was planning to tackle Striding Edge tomorrow, but the Mountain Weather service reckons the Lakes will experience high winds with gusts up to 60mph tomorrow!! Sounds like fun! Not!

So instead I’m off to the Yorkshire Dales. Going to visit Gragareth and one or two other local tops. I’ll still get wet, but the wind isn’t as bad. Fingers crossed!

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1 thought on “Typical weekend weather”

  1. rambling pete

    You’ll have to be less healthy looking so you can get some midweek walks in when the weather is fine. I find a trapped nerve in the neck works wonders! (I actually had one, so I know the symptons – I got signed off for a month without even asking – I only went for some pain killers)

    Failing that get a big golf brolly – ok if it’s not too windy.

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