Walk Report: Dovestone Reservoir

Date: 9th Apr 2009
Stats: 11.0 miles, 2200 feet
Weather: Cloudy, spots of rain, but no wind to speak of
Trig Points: 1: TP0828 – Alphin Pike
Wainwrights: N/A
Other Info: Parking £2 at Dovestone Reservoir, toilets open early
Summary: Dovestone, Teoman Hey and Greenfield Reservoirs, Greenfield Brook, Birchen Clough, ridge route past Great Dove Stone Rocks, Chew Reservoir, Wimberry Moss, Alphin Pike, Oldham Way, Dovestone

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Another old favourite for me, although I’ve only done it once before and was beaten back by flooded rivers on a second attempt, but it still holds a fond place in my heart. Part of my training regime for the Coast to Coast which starts in a few short weeks. I don’t feel at all fit at the moment – too many walks cut short and too many pies!

Dovestone Reservoir
As usual, the first car in the car park.

Dovestone Reservoir
This overflow was cascading with water last time I was here, so hopefully that’s a sign that the river is passable in Birchen Clough this time.

Dovestone Reservoir
Greenfield Reservoir

Dovestone Reservoir
Greenfield Brook

Dovestone Reservoir
The Trinacle, part of the Raven Stones above Greenfield Brook

Dovestone Reservoir
Phew, I’m relieved to find the water levels are managable in the clough today – I can complete the walk

Dovestone Reservoir
Waterfall in Birchen Clough

Dovestone Reservoir
Looking down onto the weir in Greenfield Brook

Dovestone Reservoir
Greenfield Reservoir from the Raven Stones

Dovestone Reservoir
The Trinacle, this time up close and personal – the stone on the left is reachable without ropes, but as I was on my own there was no point

Dovestone Reservoir
The memorial cross on Ashway Moss – commemerating the death “by accidental discharge of a gun” of Oldham MP James Platt, 1857

Dovestone Reservoir
Matting used to aid or prevent heather growth – I’m not sure – but there’s lots of it up here

Dovestone Reservoir
A peat wave breaks on the gritsone shore

Dovestone Reservoir
Helicopter parked by Chew Reservoir – used to fertilise the fells

Dovestone Reservoir
The Chew Road winding up from the valley to the reservoir

Dovestone Reservoir
Dovestone Reservoir – I can see the car from here – if I could zoom close enough

Dovestone Reservoir
The trig point and shelter on Alphin Pike

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