Walk Report: Fell Head & The Calf

Date: 22nd Aug 2009 Location: Howgills
Distance: 11.0 miles Weather: Cloudy to start, becoming sunny, windy on top
Ascent: 2800 feet Trig Points: 2:
Time: 5 hrs 5 mins Yorks Top 30: 5: Fell Head, The Calf, Bram Rigg Top, Great Dummacks, Calders
With: Alone Other Info: Free parking for 3/4 cars by Howgill church
Summary: Howgill church, Fell Head, The Calf, Bram Rigg Top, Great Dummacks, Calders, Winder, Howgill church

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I’d been ill for the last three weekends, initially with a throat and chest infection that firstly drained all the energy from me and then left me with a hacking cough and phlegm everywhere (which is nice!), this was later replaced with a mild flu or cold, which kept me inside feeling sorry for myself. As such, I was feeling a little trepidation about today’s walk – would my legs be up to carrying my increased weight up these hills?

I arrived at Howgill church at about 08:00 and the hills were mostly covered in cloud, although I could see lots of blue patches everywhere, so that held promise. Either way I desperately wanted to get myself onto the tops, so whatever the weather threw at me I was going!

Parking at Howgill church – don’t worry about the gate

It doesn’t look promising ahead, the cloud is sitting on the hill I’m heading to

Looking up to Fell Head

Looking back to the M6, from the ascent of Fell Head

The ridge I’m aiming for is still under cloud, but it’s lifting as I walk

Reaching the summit of Fell Head – this is the higher of the twin summits

Looking ahead to The Calf, clear of cloud now

The Howgills – quite brown at the moment, I think autumn is almost on us

The marvellously named Crooked Ashmere Gills, leading down to Long Rigg Beck

I’ve done a few walks in the Howgills now, but this is the first time I’ve seen the fell ponies

Looking back to Fell Head (far left)

The Calf summit, still sitting under dark clouds

The Lakes in the distance, from the summit of the Calf

The small summit cairn on Calders, with Great Dummacks sitting under the white cloud

Looking down Bram Rigg Beck, very impressive

The trig point on Winder

Mountain bike madness, on the bridleway, on the path to Winder

The summit of Winder, with hill finder and trig point, Calders in the background

My path back to the car, through Craggstone Woods, with a wonderful hidden waterfall

Back to the car, a little bit sunburnt
* Note: I’m not convinced that either Bram Rigg Top or Great Dummacks actually qualify as Yorkshire Tops, certainly the latter has no discernable summit, no cairn that I could find and almost no prominence from Calders.

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