Date: 24th Jul 2010
Stats: 9.5 miles, 2800 feet
Weather: Warm, light breeze, overcast
Trig Points: 1: TP0724 – Malvern
County Tops: 1: Herefordshire
Other Info: Free parking at both ends of the walk
Summary: Westfields, Hangman’s Hill, Herefordshire Beacon, Upper Wyche, Worcestershire Beacon, Lady Howard de Walden Drive, North Quarry car park at Great Malvern
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Today, for the first time, I was walking with Alex, a friend from work – he’s in training for Kilimanjaro in January and he lives in the flat and boring southlands, so we met somewhere central for some hills. Finding 10-12 miles of strenuous hill walking in the Midlands is difficult. One of the very few options is the Malvern Hills. Fortunately with two cars it’s possible to do the full length in about 4-5 hours; depending on how long you stop at the ice cream cabin on the A449.

The Malvern Hills are a series of ups and downs – there is no ridgeline as such, but it was a reasonable workout for Alex and it was a good test for my knees, which have been troublesome of late. As it was we both coped admirably and had a great time. We had almost perfect summer walking weather too – no direct sunshine, but warm and a slight breeze to keep us cool.

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