Date: 5th Sep 2009
Stats: 13.0 miles, 2200 feet
Weather: Sunny to begin, windy and cloudy tops, rain starting later
Trig Points: 1: TP6768 – Water Crag
Yorks Top 30: 1: Rogan’s Seat
Other Info: Roadside parking outside Gunnerside, toilets in the village
Summary: Gunnerside, Gunnerside Gill, Blakethwaite Dams, Rogan’s Seat, Water Crag, Rogan’s Seat, Jingle Pot Edge, Gunnerside

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The weather favoured a walk as far east as possible today, so I headed for the Dales and about as far east as I can manage without spending all day in the car. I picked a walk with Yorkshire Top – to try and maintain the momentum I have gathered in bagging all these summits – and also a trig point – just to extend the walk a bit.

I really love the old mine workings around this area – rather than appear as a blot on the landscape as you may expect, I think they add a fascinating piece of history to what could be a rather dull walk otherwise. The ruins are all built from local stone and they blend into the landscape beautifully. Today’s walk visited many of the old mines and support works that I’ve never seen before.

Early morning in Gunnerside

The delightful path up Gunnerside Gill, beside the beck

Some blue skies above the rolling hills and field barns

This is walk through history, there are remains of the lead mining everywhere. This is the first of several lead works; now decaying slowly back into the landscape

Gunnerside Beck

A hugely impressive spoil heap

Looking up Gunnerside Gill; clouds have overtaken the sky now

Bunting mine and dressing floor – the dressing floor stored the lead ore before it was dressed

The sort of hole I would love to explore, but never when I’m walking alone – the ferns around the mouth give it a fairy-tale appearance.

Crossroads – the steep approach to the upper path

Looking down onto more mine works at Gunnerside Gill

More lead works on the approach to Blakethwaite Mines

Waterfall in Gunnerside Beck

Waterfall at Blakethwaite Dams – both dams are now broken; the larger lower dam is visible here; the small upper dam is the other side of the waterfall

Looking back down Gunnerside Gill from the upper dam

The upper dam at Blakethwaite – a big step even for a big chap like me

Now a spell of heather bashing across the peat hags

The rains started at Rogan’s Seat – a very unimpressive Yorkshire Top

The out and back path to Water Crag to bag a trig point – a small and watery path follows the fence line, otherwise this would be a nightmare two mile leg

The trig point on Water Crag – no views now the mist has descended

The last photos of the day – the rain has come down and the wind is up – trig point and shelter on Water Crag.

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