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Lake District Walks

Date Walk Name Dist Ascent Walking from Hill categories GPX
2018-12-02Holme to Arnside7.5 m1000 ftHolme1, Ma
2018-12-01Kendal to Holme11.2 m700 ftKendal
2018-11-30Windermere to Kendal12.5 m1700 ftWindermere
2018-11-29Ambleside to Windermere8.0 m1700 ftAmbleside2, WO
2018-11-28Grasmere to Ambleside8.6 m1600 ftGrasmere
2018-08-03Patterdale to Grasmere8.6 m1900 ftPatterdale
2018-08-02Askham to Patterdale14.8 m2200 ftAskham
2018-07-22Shap to Askham8.8 m700 ftShap
2012-11-24Fleetwith Pike and Haystacks6.9 m2300 ftHonister Slate Mine5, B, Hew, Hu, N, s5, sHew, Sy, W
2012-10-27High Hartsop Dodd10.1 m3000 ftBridgendB, Hew, Ma, N, W
2012-10-20Black Fell & Holme Fell10.9 m2200 ftConiston S & SC3, B, Hu, Ma, W
2012-10-13Armboth Fell7.5 m1800 ftArmboth4, B, W
2012-09-29Lord's Seat & Whinlatter11.4 m3100 ftScawgill Bridge4, 5, B, Ma, s4, s5, Sy, W
2012-09-22Troutbeck Tongue12.8 m3400 ftTroutbeck3, 4, 5, B, Fel, Hew, Hu, Ma, N, sMa, W
2012-09-15Gowbarrow Fell & The Mells9.4 m2600 ftBrownrigg Farm4, 5, B, Ma, W
2012-09-08Middle Fell (Aborted)3.5 m1200 ftHarrow Head
2012-08-31Ullock Pike6.8 m2700 ftSand Hill5, B, Hew, Hu, N, W, xN
2012-08-25Blencathra12.3 m3200 ftMungrisdale5, B, Hew, Ma, N, Sy, W, xN
2012-08-11Knott & Great Calva13.0 m3500 ftPeter House Farm4, 5, B, Hew, Hu, Ma, N, sMa, W, xN
2012-08-08Great Cockup5.9 m1400 ftPeter House Farm5, B, sHu, W
2012-07-21Skiddaw10.2 m3300 ftLatrigg car park3, B, F, Hew, Ma, N, W
2012-06-30High Street Roman Road25.1 m4000 ftBrocavvm, Penrith3, B, Hew, Ma, N, Sy, W, WO, xN
2012-06-02Great Dodd & Clough Head11.5 m2700 ftHigh RowB, Hew, Hu, N, sHew, Sy, W, xN
2011-10-29Place Fell7.5 m2500 ftPatterdale5, B, Hew, Ma, N, s5, Sy, W
2011-06-24Ennerdale Bridge to St. Bees16.0 m3000 ftEnnerdale Bridge3, Ma, WO
2011-06-23Stonethwaite to Ennerdale Bridge16.0 m2300 ftStonethwaite
2011-06-22Grasmere to Stonethwaite12.0 m2800 ftGrasmereB, N, Sy, W
2011-06-21Patterdale to Grasmere7.2 m2600 ftPatterdaleB, Hew, Ma, N, W
2011-06-20Shap to Patterdale16.5 m3800 ftShapB, N, Sy, W
2011-05-07High Street8.0 m3200 ftHartsopB, Hew, Ma, N, sHew, W, xN
2011-04-29Buttermere to Keswick10.0 m3600 ftButtermereB, Hew, Hu, N, W
2010-08-14Haweswater Circumference11.0 m1200 ftBurnbanks
2010-06-18Beacon Tarn13.5 m2100 ftHoathwaite Farm2, Hu, WO
2009-08-28Walna Scar Road13.0 m2600 ftHoathwaite Farm
2009-06-13High Pike9.0 m2000 ftMosedaleB, Hew, N, sHu, W
2009-05-02Patterdale to Shap16.5 m2200 ftPatterdaleB, N, Sy, W
2009-05-01Stonethwaite to Patterdale12.5 m3800 ftStonethwaite5, B, W
2009-04-30Ennerdale Bridge to Stonethwaite15.0 m2300 ftEnnerdale Bridge
2009-04-29St. Bees to Ennerdale Bridge15.5 m3400 ftSt. Bees3, Ma, WO
2009-04-18Coniston Old Man10.0 m3800 ftWalna Scar RoadB, CoH, Hew, Hu, Ma, N, sHew, sMa, Sy, W
2009-03-28Wansfell7.0 m1500 ftTroutbeck4, B, Fel, Hu, sMa, W
2009-03-21High Street7.0 m2400 ftHartsopB, Hew, Ma, N, W
2009-02-28Fairfield11.0 m3000 ftPatterdaleB, Hew, Ma, N, s5, W
2009-01-10Sheffield Pike4.5 m2100 ftStybarrow Crag4, B, Hew, N, sHu, W
2009-01-03Crinkle Crags7.5 m2800 ftODG HotelB, Hew, Hu, N, W, xN
2008-12-01Hartsop Above How4.5 m1600 ftCow BridgeB, s5, W
2008-11-22Illgill Head & Whin Rigg11.5 m2400 ftIrton Pike5, B, Ma, W
2008-11-01Red Screes7.0 m2300 ftCow BridgeB, Hew, Ma, N, W
2008-09-27Wetherlam10.0 m3600 ftWalna Scar RoadB, Hew, Hu, N, sHew, sMa, Sy, W
2008-09-20Helvellyn via Grisedale11.5 m3400 ftGlenriddingB, CoH, F, Hew, Ma, N, sHew, W
2008-08-31Great Gable to Hawes End8.0 m1300 ftGillercombe Head
2008-08-30Hawes End to Great Gable12.5 m3300 ftHawes End
2008-08-23Bow Fell10.0 m3400 ftODG HotelB, Hew, Hu, N, sMa, W
2008-07-27Scafell Pike11.0 m3400 ftWha HouseB, CoA, CoH, CoU, F, Hew, Ma, N, W
2008-07-25Great Gable6.0 m2400 ftHonisterB, Hew, Ma, N, W
2008-07-12Helvellyn & Raise10.0 m3400 ftGlenriddingB, CoH, F, Hew, Ma, N, sHew, sHu, W
2008-06-28Loughrigg & Silver How10.5 m3000 ftWhite Moss3, B, Ma, W
2008-05-07Kentmere Round13.0 m3900 ftKentmereB, Hew, Hu, Ma, N, sMa, W, xN
2008-05-03High Street via Rough Crag12.0 m3100 ftMardale HeadB, Hew, Ma, N, W
2008-04-19Langdale Pikes via Jack's Rake10.0 m3200 ftNew HotelB, Hew, N, Sy, W
2008-04-12Red Pike8.0 m2300 ftBownessB, Hew, N, W
2008-04-11Great Borne8.0 m2300 ftBownessB, Hew, Hu, N, W
2008-03-24St. Sunday Crag10.0 m2900 ftPatterdale4, B, Hew, Ma, N, sHew, W
2008-02-16Kentmere Pike8.0 m2300 ftSadgillB, Hew, Hu, N, sMa, W
2007-12-20Fairfield Horseshoe11.5 m3700 ftRydalB, Hew, Ma, N, sHew, W
2007-12-15Dow Crag & Coniston Old Man8.5 m2900 ftWalna Scar RoadB, CoH, Hew, Hu, Ma, N, sHew, W, xN
2007-10-21Stonethwaite to Keswick11.0 m1400 ftStonethwaite2, W
2007-10-20Keswick to Stonethwaite15.5 m2400 ftKeswick5, B, Hew, Hu, N, s5, W
2007-10-13Place Fell & Ullswater12.0 m3600 ftSandwickB, Hew, Ma, N, s5, Sy, W
2007-10-06Hard Knott & Hardknott Castle8.0 m2100 ftBrotherilkeld4, 5, B, Ma, s5, Sy, W
2007-09-29Kentmere Pike8.0 m2200 ftSadgillB, Hew, Hu, N, sMa, W
2007-09-15High Street & Gray Crag11.5 m3700 ftHartsopB, Hew, Ma, N, O, sHew, W
2007-09-08Bannerdale Round12.5 m3600 ftMartindale3, 5, B, Hew, Hu, Ma, N, s5, Sy, W
2007-08-18Rough Crag3.5 m1200 ftMardale Head
2007-08-11Selside Pike & Branstree6.0 m1800 ftMardale HeadB, Hew, Hu, N, W
2007-07-28Loadpot Hill12.0 m2800 ftMartindale4, B, Hew, N, W, xN
2007-07-08Ill Bell Ridge12.0 m3400 ftTroutbeckB, Hew, Hu, N, W
2007-05-05Ill Bell Ridge11.0 m3000 ftTroutbeck4, 5, B, Hew, Hu, N, W
2007-04-28High Street & High Raise11.0 m3300 ftMardale HeadB, Hew, Hu, Ma, N, sMa, W, xN
2007-04-21Langdale Pikes8.0 m3000 ftNew HotelB, Hew, Ma, N, sHew, W, xN
2007-04-14Easedale Horseshoe8.0 m2300 ftGrasmere4, 5, B, W
2006-12-02Blea Rigg4.5 m1700 ftNew HotelB, W
2006-05-03Patterdale to Shap16.5 m3700 ftPatterdaleB, N, Sy, W
2006-05-02Stonethwaite to Patterdale15.5 m4500 ftStonethwaite5, B, W
2006-05-01Ennerdale Bridge to Stonethwaite15.5 m2500 ftEnnerdale Bridge
2006-04-30St. Bees to Ennerdale Bridge18.0 m3500 ftSt. Bees1, 3, Hu, Ma, WO
2006-01-28Cat Bells & High Spy9.0 m2600 ftHawes End4, B, Hew, Hu, N, sMa, W
2005-11-06Keswick to Caldbeck15.0 m2900 ftKeswick
2005-11-05Caldbeck to Keswick18.0 m3200 ftCaldbeckB, Hew, N, W
2005-07-24Coniston Old Man7.5 m2600 ftHoathwaite FarmB, CoH, Hew, Ma, N, W
2005-05-21Beacon Tarn7.0 m1400 ftHoathwaite Farm2, Hu, WO