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This page shows all my Peak District walks. You can sort the list by date, length of walk and amount of height gained on the walk.

Each walk shows the hill categories (if any) that were encountered on the walk. A full list of the hill classification codes and their meaning can be found here: Hill Classifications

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Peak District Walks

Date Walk Name Dist Ascent Walking from Hill categories GPX
2016-09-11Chee Tor to Taddington2.3 m600 ftChee Tor
2016-09-10Pilsbury to Chee Tor12.9 m2000 ftPilsbury4, PDT
2016-09-09Ilam to Pilsbury12.2 m2300 ftIlam3, PDT
2015-06-27Kinder via Jaggers Clough10.2 m2200 ftNether Booth Farm
2015-05-13Slippery Stones4.4 m1100 ftHowden Reservoir
2015-02-14Kinder via Blackden Brook7.6 m1700 ftA57 Layby
2015-02-07Dovestone Reservoir11.4 m2200 ftDovestone Reservoir
2014-12-12Kinder via Crowden Clough9.2 m1800 ftEdale Car Park
2014-05-17Harry Hut & Featherbed Top10.9 m1800 ftOld Glossop5, PDT
2014-03-15Marsden to Light Hazzles Res12.1 m1800 ftMarsden4, CoU, Hu
2014-03-01Kinder via Crookstone Hill10.5 m2200 ftBirchen Clough Bridge
2014-02-16Kinder via Three Knolls8.9 m1900 ftHayfield
2014-02-01Bleaklow & Cock Hill10.1 m1900 ftOld GlossopHew, Hu, N, PDT
2014-01-11Kinder via Gate Side Clough6.4 m1600 ftBirchen Clough Bridge
2014-01-04Kinder via Fair Brook9.6 m1700 ftBirchen Clough Bridge
2013-09-14Kinder via Grinds Brook10.3 m1900 ftEdaleCoA, CoH, CoU, Hew, Ma, N, PDT
2013-09-08Red Ratcher to Marsden8.2 m1000 ftRed Ratcher5, CoA, CoH, CoU, Ma, PDT
2013-09-07Kinder Low to Red Ratcher16.6 m2300 ftKinder Low5, CoA, CoU, Hew, Hu, N, PDT
2013-09-06Edale to Kinder Low4.9 m1700 ftEdale Station
2013-07-21Burbage Edge to Cat & Fiddle6.8 m1000 ftBurbage Edge5, CoA, CoH, CoU, PDT
2013-07-20Shining Tor to Burbage Edge13.5 m2100 ftShining Tor5, PDT, s5
2013-07-19Cat & Fiddle to Shining Tor1.6 m300 ftCat & Fiddle5, CoA, CoU, Ma, PDT
2013-07-17Bleaklow Stones13.5 m2100 ftDitch Clough PlantationPDT, s5
2013-07-11Shutlingsloe & Croker Hill11.0 m2200 ftRidgegate Reservoir5, Hu, PDT
2013-05-27Bleaklow & Cock Hill10.0 m1800 ftOld GlossopHew, Hu, N, PDT
2013-05-18Back Tor11.8 m1900 ftCutthroat Bridge5, PDT
2013-04-19Shining Tor & Cheeks Hill14.1 m2000 ftDanebower5, CoA, CoH, CoU, Ma, PDT
2013-04-11Edale to Hadfield18.7 m2800 ftEdale Station5, Hew, Hu, N, PDT
2013-03-30Dovestone Reservoir11.6 m1900 ftDovestone Reservoir
2012-11-10Dovestone Reservoir9.1 m1600 ftDovestone Reservoir
2012-02-04Dovestone Reservoir11.6 m2000 ftDovestone ReservoirCoU
2011-12-03Kinder via Fair Brook10.0 m1700 ftBirchen Clough Bridge
2011-11-06Shining Tor & Cheeks Hill10.5 m1700 ftDanebower5, CoA, CoH, CoU, Ma, PDT
2011-10-08Salt Cellar & Back Tor12.3 m2000 ftCutthroat Bridge5, PDT
2011-05-21Edale to Hadfield19.0 m2800 ftEdale Station5, Hew, Hu, N, PDT
2011-04-02Edale to Torside16.0 m2700 ftEdale Station5, Hew, Hu, N, PDT
2011-01-02Dovestone Reservoir11.5 m2300 ftDovestone Res
2010-07-31Snake Pass Traverse14.0 m3100 ftLadybower Res4, 5, Hu, PDT, sMa
2010-05-07Standedge to Hebden Bridge16.0 m1700 ftStandedge4, CoU, Hu
2010-05-06Crowden to Standedge14.0 m2700 ftTorside5, CoA, CoH, CoU, Ma, PDT
2010-05-05Edale to Crowden16.5 m2700 ftEdale Village5, Hew, Hu, N, PDT
2010-02-26Dovestone Reservoir6.0 m1000 ftDovestone Res
2010-01-30Howden Moor & Bleaklow Stones12.0 m1800 ftHowden Res
2010-01-17The Roaches3.7 m700 ftRoaches5, Hu, PDT
2010-01-09The Roaches1.8 m500 ftRoaches
2009-12-20Stanage Edge7.0 m800 ftCallow Bank4, Hu, PDT
2009-07-12Kinder Perimeter13.5 m2800 ftEdale Village
2009-04-09Dovestone Reservoir11.0 m2200 ftDovestone Res
2009-04-04Shutlingsloe & Shining Tor14.0 m3000 ftRidgegate Res5, CoA, CoU, Hu, Ma, PDT
2009-03-16Kinder Downfall9.0 m2000 ftBowden Bridge
2008-11-15Dovestone Reservoir5.5 m1100 ftDovestone Res
2008-09-12Edale Skyline11.5 m2300 ftEdale Car Park5, PDT
2008-03-04Chrome Hill12.5 m2600 ftLongnor3, 4, PDT
2008-02-23Black Hill & Black Chew Head10.5 m1800 ftCrowden5, CoA, CoH, CoU, Ma, PDT, Un
2008-02-09Margery Hill12.5 m2700 ftFairholmes5, CoA, CoU, O, PDT, s5
2007-11-10The Roaches & Lud's Church8.0 m1400 ftRoaches5, Hu, PDT
2007-11-03Shining Tor & Axe Edge12.0 m2100 ftDanebower5, CoA, CoH, CoU, Ma, PDT
2007-10-27Standedge6.5 m1900 ftAxletree Edge
2007-08-04Onecote & Butterton15.5 m2400 ftGrindon4, PDT
2007-06-09Dove Dale14.0 m3000 ftWalton Hotel, Ilam3, PDT
2007-05-19Harry Hut & Lantern Pike10.5 m1900 ftBowden Bridge3, 5, PDT, sHu
2007-05-12White Edge & Froggatt Edge15.0 m1500 ftLongshaw Estate
2007-03-24Mam Tor & Winhill11.5 m2600 ftGoosehill, Castleton4, 5, Hu, PDT, sMa
2007-03-03Alport Castles11.0 m2300 ftFairholmes
2007-02-24Shutlingsloe8.0 m1300 ftMacc Forest5, Hu, PDT
2007-01-06Kinder Downfall9.5 m2300 ftBowden Bridge
2006-12-27Stanage Edge & Ox Stones12.5 m1700 ftNell Croft4, Hu, PDT
2006-11-18Salt Cellar & Back Tor12.5 m2000 ftCutthroat Bridge5, PDT
2006-11-04Ladder Hill & Combs12.0 m2100 ftErrwood Res5, sHu
2006-10-28Gun10.5 m1400 ftRudyard Res3, Ma, PDT
2006-09-02Burbage Edge & Grin Low8.0 m1300 ftGoyt's Clough4, PDT, s5
2006-07-15Dovestone Reservoir12.0 m2100 ftDovestone Res
2006-06-17Dove Dale & Ilam15.0 m2200 ftWeag's Bridge
2006-06-11Wolfscote Dale12.5 m2400 ftTissington
2006-05-28Alport Castles10.0 m2400 ftFairholmes
2006-03-25Edale Skyline13.5 m2900 ftEdale Car Park5, PDT
2006-03-19Shutlingsloe & Shining Tor13.0 m3100 ftTrentabank Res5, CoA, CoU, Hu, Ma, PDT
2006-03-18Ringing Roger3.0 m800 ftEdale Car Park
2006-03-12The Roaches & Lud's Church10.5 m1900 ftRoaches5, Hu, PDT
2006-03-11Gun10.5 m1400 ftRudyard Res3, Ma, PDT
2006-03-05White Nancy & Nab Head12.5 m2400 ftLangley2, 3
2006-02-11Gun10.5 m1400 ftRudyard Res3, Ma, PDT
2006-01-21Shutlingsloe7.5 m1600 ftTrentabank Res5, Hu, PDT
2006-01-02Shining Tor10.2 m1600 ftCat & Fiddle5, CoA, CoU, Ma, PDT
2005-12-30Cats Tor7.5 m1100 ftCat & Fiddle5, PDT
2005-12-29Kinder Scout11.0 m2000 ftEdale Car Park
2005-12-27Mam Tor9.5 m2300 ftEdale Car Park4, 5, PDT
2005-12-24Shutlingsloe8.0 m1600 ftTrentabank Res5, Hu, PDT