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Southern Uplands Walks

This page shows all my Southern Uplands walks. The list is sorted in date order, with the most recent walk at the top of the page. You can get a rough idea of how easy or difficult the walk is likely to be from the distance and height gain numbers on the walk. Click on the walk name to get more information for that walk, including a dynamic OS map and a downloadable GPX file for your GPS device.

Date Walk name Dist Ascent Walking from GPX
2021-11-28Annanhead Hill7.4 m1600 ftEricstane Village Hall
2021-11-27Hartfell Spa4.0 m1200 ftEricstane Village Hall
2021-06-16Selkirk to Hawick12.7 m1500 ftSelkirk
2021-06-15Innerleithen to Selkirk14.8 m2600 ftInnerleithen
2021-06-14Peebles to Innerleithen10.9 m1700 ftPeebles
2021-06-13West Linton to Peebles14.2 m1800 ftWest Linton
2021-06-12Little Vantage to West Linton8.5 m1000 ftLittle Vantage
2015-05-08Stroanpatrick to Sanquhar18.9 m2900 ftStroanpatrick
2015-05-06Craingenbay to Stroanpatrick15.6 m2100 ftCraingenbay
2015-05-06Bargrennan to Crainenbay17.8 m2000 ftBargrennan
2015-05-05New Luce to Bargrennan19.0 m1700 ftNew Luce
2015-05-04Stranraer to New Luce15.5 m1300 ftNew Luce
2015-05-03Portpatrick to Stranraer10.0 m1300 ftPortpatrick
2013-05-06Beattock to Moffat7.2 m700 ftBeattock
2013-05-05Wanlockhead to Beattock20.9 m3700 ftWanlockhead
2013-05-04Sanquhar to Wanlockhead8.7 m2000 ftSanquhar
2013-05-03Nether Holm of Dalquhairn to Sanquhar13.8 m1400 ftNether Holm of Dalquhairn
2013-05-02Dalry to Nether Holm of Dalquhairn15.9 m2900 ftSt. Johns Town of Dalry
2013-05-01Bargrennan to St. Johns Town of Dalry24.1 m2800 ftBargrennan
2013-04-30New Luce to Bargrennan19.2 m1900 ftNew Luce
2013-04-29Stranraer to New Luce14.7 m1200 ftStranraer
2013-04-28Portpatrick to Stranraer11.5 m1500 ftPortpatrick
22 Walks 305.3 m 40,800 ft