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Yorkshire Dales Walks

Date Walk Name Dist Ascent Walking from Hill categories GPX
2018-07-21Great Ormside to Shap14.3 m1900 ftGreat Ormside
2018-07-08Swinner Gill from Keld4.3 m1200 ftKeld
2018-07-06Scar House Reservoir7.8 m700 ftScar House Reservoir
2018-06-03Muker to Askrigg10.2 m1700 ftMuker
2018-06-02Garsdale Head to Muker13.6 m2100 ftMoorcock InnHew, Ma, N, Sim, Y30, YDT
2018-05-12Thrang Bridge to Eden Source9.4 m1600 ftThe ThrangN, sHew, Sim, Y30, YDT
2017-09-02Kirkby Stephen Station to High Pike Hill8.2 m1700 ftKirkby Stephen Station
2017-06-19Askrigg to Middleham14.6 m800 ftAskrigg
2017-06-18Garsdale to Askrigg12.6 m1000 ftMoorcock Inn
2017-06-17Kirkby Stephen Station to Garsdale12.9 m1700 ftKirkby Stephen Station
2017-06-03Aysgarth to Middleham11.4 m1600 ftAysgarth
2017-05-18Downholme to Reeth6.9 m1200 ftDownholme
2017-05-17Richmond to Downholme6.2 m1100 ftRichmond
2017-05-13Morton-on-Swale to Richmond16.7 m800 ftMorton-on-Swale
2017-04-11Kirkby Stephen to Nateby2.1 m200 ftKirkby Stephen
2017-04-10Keld to Kirkby Stephen13.6 m1900 ftKeldHew, Ma, N, xN, Y30, YDT
2017-03-25Reeth to Keld12.4 m1700 ftReeth
2017-03-11Richmond to Reeth13.4 m2400 ftRichmond
2016-12-04Gunnerside Beck to Muker4.5 m660 ftGunnerside Beck
2016-12-03Reeth to Gunnerside Beck7.8 m1600 ftReeth
2016-07-30Wild Boar Fell to Sedbergh9.6 m1000 ftWild Boar Fell3, YDT
2016-07-29Kirkby Stephen Station to Wild Boar Fell9.5 m2200 ftKirkby Stephen Station3, Hew, Ma, N, Sim, Y30, YDT
2016-07-23Nettle Hill Day 24.5 m500 ftNettle Hill3, Hu, YDT
2016-07-22Nettle Hill Day 15.8 m1100 ftSmardale Hall
2016-05-28Addlebrough7.2 m1000 ftThornton Rust4, sHu, YDT
2016-05-27Brown Haw from West Burton12.0 m2200 ftWest Burton5, YDT
2016-05-01Kingsdale to Dent Station14.2 m1900 ftKingsdale
2016-04-30Settle to Kingsdale14.0 m2100 ftSettle
2016-04-29Kirkby Malham to Settle7.8 m1500 ftKirkby Malham
2015-09-04Hardraw to Kirby Stephen Station15.9 m2500 ftHardrawHew, Hu, Ma, N, sHew, Sim, Y30, YDT
2015-09-03Buckden to Hardraw16.0 m2100 ftBuckdenHew, Ma, N, Y30, YDT
2015-09-02Grassington to Buckden10.9 m1700 ftGrassington
2015-09-01Skipton to Grassington12.4 m1900 ftSkipton4
2015-07-25Gordale Scar and Parsons Pulpit13.1 m2100 ftGordale Bridge4, 5, Hu, YDT
2015-05-30Woldside14.0 m1700 ftMarsett5, Hew, N, Y30, YDT
2015-04-02Horton to Sedbergh22.6 m3900 ftHorton-in-RibblesdaleCoA, CoH, CoU, Hew, Ma, N, Y30, YDT
2015-03-21Apedale to Kettlewell18.0 m2600 ftApedale5, Hew, Ma, N, xN, Y30, YDT
2015-03-20Tan Hill Inn to Apedale16.7 m2100 ftTan Hill
2015-03-08Buckden Pike to Kettlewell4.2 m300 ftStarbotton Fell
2015-03-07Kettlewell to Buckden Pike7.3 m1600 ftKettlewell
2015-02-01Plover Hill Day 24.7 m100 ftPlover Hill
2015-01-31Plover Hill Day 14.7 m1600 ftHorton-in-RibblesdaleHew, N, Y30, YDT
2014-12-29Fountains Fell Day 25.7 m300 ftFountains FellN, YDT
2014-12-28Fountains Fell Day 16.2 m1300 ftMalham TarnHew, Ma, N, Y30, YDT
2014-10-04Cosh House from Halton Gill5.0 m700 ftHalton Gill
2014-05-30Halton Gill2.1 m500 ftHalton Gill
2014-05-06Hardraw to Keld11.2 m2500 ftHardrawHew, Ma, N, Sim, Y30, YDT
2014-05-05Lady Hill to Hardraw13.2 m1000 ftLady Hill
2014-05-04Grovebeck Gill to Lady Hill14.1 m1700 ftGrovebeck Gill
2014-05-03Keld to Grovebeck Gill13.9 m2400 ftKeld
2013-11-23Moughton from Clapham10.1 m1600 ftClapham4, YDT
2013-11-10Hardraw to Tan Hill16.2 m3200 ftHardrawHew, Ma, N, Sim, Y30, YDT
2013-11-09Ribblehead to Hardraw10.8 m1400 ftRibblehead Station
2013-10-26Meugher12.2 m1300 ftYarnbury5
2013-08-31Horton to Cam End9.6 m1400 ftHorton-in-Ribblesdale
2013-08-24Harrow Hill to Horton-in-Ribblesdale21.9 m3500 ftHarrow HillHew, Ma, N, Y30, YDT
2013-08-23Gargrave to Harrow Hill2.6 m400 ftGargrave Station
2013-08-03Ribblehead to Settle14.0 m2100 ftRibblehead Station3, 5, Hu, YDT
2013-07-31Whernside12.0 m2300 ftKingsdaleCoA, CoH, CoU, Hew, Ma, N, Y30, YDT
2013-07-06Naughtberry Hill10.8 m2100 ftBuckden2, 5, Hew, Ma, N, Y30, YDT
2013-06-29Garsdale to Ribblehead12.0 m2100 ftGarsdale Station5, Hew, Hu, Ma, N, Y30, YDT
2013-06-15Ribblehead (aborted)2.9 m200 ftRibblehead Station
2013-06-08Settle to Skipton19.3 m2500 ftSettle Station4, YDT
2013-05-11Above Bishopdale13.6 m1700 ftAysgarth
2013-04-13Ingleborough from Clapham13.5 m2700 ftClaphamHew, Ma, N, Y30, YDT
2013-04-06Wild Boar Fell12.4 m2600 ftKirkby Stephen StationHew, Ma, N, s5, Sim, Un, xN, Y30, YDT
2013-01-12Mallerstang Edge9.6 m2000 ftThe ThrangHew, Hu, N, sHew, Sim, Y30, YDT
2012-12-15Buckden Pike4.6 m1600 ftBuckdenHew, Ma, N, Y30, YDT
2012-08-18Cobscar and Apedale15.2 m2200 ftCastle Bolton
2012-07-15Whernside8.0 m1700 ftRibbleheadCoA, CoH, CoU, Hew, Ma, N, Y30, YDT
2012-07-14Ingleborough & Pen-y-Ghent15.7 m3500 ftRibblehead5, Hew, Ma, N, Un, Y30, YDT
2012-07-13Twisleton Scar End2.9 m600 ftKingsdale
2012-07-07Ease Gill & Great Coum9.6 m2200 ftLeck Fell HouseCoA, CoU, Hew, Ma, N, sHew, Y30, YDT
2012-06-16Reeth to Gunnerside14.2 m2900 ftReeth4, sHu, YDT
2012-06-09Settle to Ribblehead17.0 m2300 ftSettle
2012-05-27Oughtershaw to Hetton22.9 m2000 ftOughtershaw
2012-05-19Witton Fell12.2 m1700 ftGollinglith Foot
2012-04-14Ingleborough & Whernside15.6 m3700 ftIngletonCoA, CoH, CoU, Hew, Ma, N, Y30, YDT
2012-04-06Clapham High Mark12.6 m2000 ftHawkswicks5, YDT
2012-03-17Castle Bolton to Hawes15.7 m1300 ftHardraw
2012-02-16Little Whernside10.6 m1500 ftScar House Reservoir5, YDT
2012-01-21Birks Fell10.0 m1600 ftLitton5, Hew, Ma, N, Y30, YDT
2012-01-02Langerton Hill7.3 m1100 ftGrimwith Res2, YDT
2011-12-27Beamsley Beacon7.8 m1000 ftLing Park4, Hu, YDT
2011-11-19Kirkby Fell11.0 m1600 ftMalham Tarn5, YDT
2011-10-01Ingleborough12.2 m2700 ftIngletonHew, Ma, N, Y30, YDT
2011-09-22Sharp Haw3.2 m800 ftFlasby3, Ma, YDT
2011-09-10Reeth to Grinton Bridge1.8 m200 ftReeth
2011-09-10Kisdon from Keld5.0 m900 ftKeld4, Ma, YDT
2011-09-09Keld to Reeth12.5 m2100 ftKeld
2011-09-03Ingleborough from Ingleton11.0 m2200 ftIngletonHew, Ma, N, Y30, YDT
2011-08-24Snaizeholme Fell4.7 m800 ftRedshaw Bridge5, YDT
2011-08-06Routh Level to Reeth7.5 m550 ftRouth Level
2011-08-05Keld to Routh Level9.3 m1500 ftKeld
2011-07-30Hoove4.8 m700 ftStang Top5, Ma, YDT
2011-07-23Keld to Reeth via the Swale12.0 m700 ftKeld
2011-07-03Wild Boar Fell9.0 m2000 ftSmithy Gill BridgeHew, Ma, N, Sim, Un, xN, Y30, YDT
2011-06-18Keld to Kirkby Stephen12.0 m1400 ftKeldHew, Ma, N, xN, Y30, YDT
2011-06-17Reeth to Keld11.0 m2400 ftReeth
2011-06-16Richmond to Reeth12.5 m2000 ftRichmond
2011-05-30Settle from Malham12.5 m2300 ftMalham
2011-05-24Littondale10.0 m600 ftArncliffe
2011-05-19Arncliffe to Malham Tarn7.0 m1200 ftArncliffe
2011-05-18Hubberholme to Horse Head5.7 m1400 ftHubberholme
2011-05-18Cold Cotes0.5 m100 ftCold Cotes
2011-05-14Dentdale9.0 m1700 ftDent
2011-05-01Thwaite to Muker2.2 m150 ftMuker
2011-05-01Ivelet Bridge to Askrigg Road4.8 m1000 ftIvelet Bridge
2011-04-23Buckden to Askrigg15.5 m1800 ftBuckden
2011-04-22Askrigg to Buckden15.7 m2100 ftAskrigg
2011-04-09Cracoe Fell13.0 m2400 ftEmbsay5, Ma, s5, YDT
2011-03-26Penhill13.0 m2400 ftCarlton5, Hu, YDT
2011-03-19Dent to Knoutberry14.0 m1800 ftDent
2011-03-12Whernside11.0 m1800 ftYordas CaveCoA, CoH, CoU, Hew, Ma, N, Y30, YDT
2011-03-05Cotterdale10.5 m1400 ftMoorcock Inn
2011-02-19Ingleton Waterfalls8.0 m1200 ftIngeton
2011-02-05Settle to Ingleton12.0 m1400 ftSettle
2011-01-22Muker to Ivelet Bridge11.0 m1800 ftMuker
2010-12-27Ingleton Amble4.5 m900 ftIngeton
2010-11-27Proctor High Mark & Parson's Pulpit9.0 m1100 ftMalham Tarn5, Hu, YDT
2010-10-23Simon's Seat11.0 m2000 ftBarden Bridge4, Hu, YDT
2010-10-16Pen-y-Ghent & Plover Hill9.0 m1900 ftHorton-in-RibblesdaleHew, Ma, N, Y30, YDT
2010-10-14Blackstone Edge & The Fleak7.0 m800 ftHarrock Rigg5, YDT
2010-10-01Brown Bank to Skipton7.0 m700 ftBrownbank Lane
2010-09-30Shipley to Brown Bank12.5 m1800 ftShipley Station2, 4, Ma
2010-09-04Conistone Moor11.5 m1600 ftGrassington
2010-08-28Garsdale to Ribblehead10.0 m1500 ftGarsdale5, YDT
2010-08-21Great Pinseat11.5 m2400 ftGunnerside5, YDT
2010-08-07Grizedales11.5 m2200 ftMalham5, Hu, YDT
2010-07-17Lovely Seat8.0 m1600 ftThwaiteHew, Hu, N, sMa, Y30, YDT
2010-07-10Cosh Outside11.5 m1800 ftFoxup5, YDT
2010-06-26Yockenthwaite Moor9.0 m1900 ftHubberholmeHew, N, Y30, YDT
2010-06-12Pickerstone Ridge13.0 m1800 ftCogden Moor5, YDT
2010-06-05Plover Hill9.5 m1800 ftHigh BirkwithHew, N, Y30, YDT
2010-05-13Keld to Bowes13.0 m1300 ftKeld
2010-05-12Hawes to Keld12.5 m2400 ftHawesHew, Ma, N, Sim, Y30, YDT
2010-05-11Horton to Hawes13.7 m1900 ftHorton-in-Ribblesdale
2010-05-10Malham to Horton15.0 m2900 ftMalhamHew, Ma, N, Y30, YDT
2010-04-24Mallerstang Edge12.0 m2100 ftThe ThrangHew, Hu, N, O, sHew, Sim, Y30, YDT
2010-04-17Baugh Fell11.5 m2100 ftRawthey BridgeHew, Ma, N, sHew, Y30, YDT
2010-04-03Rye Loaf Hill & Attermire Scar13.0 m2100 ftLong Preston3, 5, YDT
2010-03-27Cracoe Fell14.0 m2400 ftHutchen Gill Gate5, Ma, s5, YDT
2010-03-06Kilnsey Moor13.5 m2100 ftAirton4, YDT
2010-02-27Fountains Fell9.5 m1400 ftMalham TarnN, YDT
2010-02-20Cave Hill12.0 m1700 ftGearstones5, Hu, YDT
2010-02-13Great Knoutberry11.5 m2000 ftIbbeth PerilHew, Ma, N, Y30, YDT
2010-02-06Whernside12.0 m2200 ftDentCoA, CoH, CoU, Hew, Ma, N, Y30, YDT
2010-01-23Great Asby Scar12.5 m1300 ftOrton Scar3, YDT
2010-01-10Bluebell Hill1.8 m400 ftHardraw
2010-01-02Gordale Scar8.0 m1000 ftMalham
2009-11-28Castle Bolton & Aysgarth12.5 m1600 ftCastle Bolton
2009-11-21Askrigg to Aysgarth9.5 m600 ftAskrigg
2009-11-14Hardraw & Hawes5.0 m500 ftHardraw
2009-11-07Great Shunner Fell9.5 m1700 ftHardrawHew, Ma, N, Sim, Y30, YDT
2009-10-31Surrender Bridge to Grinton10.5 m1300 ftSurrender Bridge
2009-10-25Hardraw to Askrigg12.0 m1000 ftHardraw
2009-10-17Great Shunner Fell11.5 m2400 ftKeldHew, Ma, N, Sim, Y30, YDT
2009-10-10Keld to Blakethwaite Mill8.5 m2400 ftKeld
2009-09-26Surrender Mill11.0 m1800 ftSurrender Bridge
2009-09-12Castle Bolton to Grinton14.0 m1700 ftCastle Bolton
2009-09-05Rogan's Seat13.0 m2200 ftGunnersideHew, Ma, N, sHew, Y30, YDT
2009-08-30Wild Boar Fell12.0 m2500 ftRawthey BridgeHew, Ma, N, Sim, Un, Y30, YDT
2009-07-18Dodd Fell Hill12.0 m1900 ftGayleHew, Ma, N, Y30, YDT
2009-06-27Aye Gill Pike13.0 m1900 ftLittle Town5, Ma, YDT
2009-05-23Fremington Edge13.5 m1600 ftReeth4
2009-05-05Keld to Richmond23.5 m2300 ftKeld
2009-05-04Kirkby Stephen to Keld11.5 m2200 ftKirkby StephenHew, Ma, N, xN, Y30, YDT
2009-04-11Attermire Scar11.0 m2300 ftStainforth3, Hu, YDT
2009-02-14Ingleborough & Park Fell11.0 m2200 ftRibblehead5, Hew, Ma, N, Un, Y30, YDT
2008-12-20Gordale Scar & Malham Tarn13.0 m1900 ftMalham
2008-11-08Fountains Fell10.0 m1800 ftRainscarHew, Ma, N, Y30, YDT
2008-10-18Great Shunner Fell10.0 m1700 ftHardrawHew, Ma, N, Sim, Y30, YDT
2008-07-05Gragareth & Great Coum14.5 m2000 ftHunt's Cross QuarriesCoA, CoU, Hew, Ma, N, sHew, Y30, YDT
2008-06-14Yorkshire 3 Peaks24.0 m5300 ftRibbleheadCoA, CoH, CoU, Hew, Ma, N, Y30, YDT
2008-06-07Great Whernside & Buckden Pike15.0 m2600 ftKettlewellHew, Ma, N, xN, Y30, YDT
2008-03-06Victoria Cave7.5 m1600 ftSettle4, YDT
2008-01-05Calf Top12.5 m2200 ftMiddleton Head5, Hew, Ma, N, Sim, YDT
2007-12-08Ingleborough11.5 m2400 ftClaphamHew, Ma, N, Y30, YDT
2007-11-24Ingleborough7.0 m1400 ftClapham
2007-11-17Whernside8.0 m1700 ftRibbleheadCoA, CoH, CoU, Hew, Ma, N, Y30, YDT
2007-04-06Wharfedale Day 29.5 m450 ftEller Car Moss5, YDT
2007-04-05Wharfedale Day 110.5 m1500 ftKettlewell
2007-03-17Gunnerside12.0 m2200 ftSurrender Bridge
2007-01-27Blea Moor8.0 m1400 ftRibblehead5, Hu, YDT
2007-01-20Whernside4.5 m600 ftRibblehead
2006-12-16Moughton & Sulber11.5 m1700 ftClapham4, YDT
2006-08-27Horton to Ribblehead10.5 m2200 ftHorton-in-RibblesdaleHew, Ma, N, Y30, YDT
2006-08-26Smearsett & Attermire Scars11.0 m2900 ftStainforth3, Hu, YDT
2006-08-15Great Whernside & Buckden Pike14.5 m2700 ftKettlewellHew, Ma, N, xN, Y30, YDT
2006-05-07Reeth to Richmond11.5 m1500 ftReeth
2006-05-06Keld to Reeth13.0 m1200 ftKeld
2006-05-05Kirkby Stephen to Keld12.0 m2100 ftKirkby StephenHew, Ma, N, xN, Y30, YDT
2005-09-08Hawes to Aysgarth13.0 m1000 ftHawes
2005-09-07Keld to Hawes13.0 m3000 ftKeldHew, Ma, N, Sim, Y30, YDT
2005-09-06Grinton Lodge to Keld13.0 m1000 ftGrinton Lodge
2005-09-05Aysgarth to Grinton Lodge13.0 m2000 ftAysgarth