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Scottish County Tops (Historic)

This list details the highest point within (or sometimes on) the boundary of each county. However, county boundaries change over time and there are different county lists, covering the traditional historic counties and the more recent mixtures of administrative areas.

I have decided to concentrate on the Historic County Tops, which is a smaller number for one thing, but it's also the list most appropriate to my age. The historic county tops is a traditional list of counties from which people usually take their local cultural identity. In the UK they were never abolished, they just ceased to have administrative function.

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Walks to the Scottish County Tops (Historic)

Date Walk Name Dist Ascent Region County Tops (Historic) on this walk GPX
2013-04-30New Luce to Bargrennan19.2 m1900 ftCraigairie Fell [Craig Airie Fell]
2008-07-08Ben Lawers7.0 m3000 ftBen Lawers
2008-05-26Ben Nevis10.0 m4500 ftBen Nevis