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Walks to the English Deweys

This page shows all my English Deweys walks. The list is sorted in date order, with the most recent walk at the top of the page. You can get a rough idea of how easy or difficult the walk is likely to be from the distance and height gain numbers on the walk. Click on the walk name to get more information for that walk, including a dynamic OS map and a downloadable GPX file for your GPS device.

The Deweys are hills in England, Wales and the Isle of Man at least 500m high and below 609.6m with a drop of at least 30m on all sides. Equivalent lists in other geographical areas are the Donald Deweys in the Scottish Lowlands, the Highland Fives in the Scottish Highlands, and the Myrddyn Deweys in Ireland.

Source: [Database of British Hills]

Date Walk name Dist Ascent Region Deweys on this walk GPX
2016-06-20Alston Moor2.3 m440 ftNorthern PenninesAlston Moor [Middle Fell]
2016-05-27Brown Haw from West Burton12.0 m2200 ftYorkshire DalesHarland Hill, Brown Haw
2015-07-25Gordale Scar and Parsons Pulpit13.1 m2100 ftYorkshire DalesProctor High Mark, Parson's Pulpit
2015-05-30Woldside14.0 m1700 ftYorkshire DalesWoldside
2015-05-23Mickle Fell14.6 m2800 ftNorthern PenninesRoman Fell
2015-03-21Apedale to Kettlewell18.0 m2600 ftYorkshire DalesNaughtberry Hill
2014-05-17Harry Hut & Featherbed Top10.9 m1800 ftPeak DistrictMill Hill, Featherbed Top
2014-04-15Byrness to Barrowburn16.8 m2900 ftNorthumberlandBeefstand Hill, Ravens Knowe
2013-10-26Meugher12.2 m1300 ftYorkshire DalesMeugher
2013-09-08Red Ratcher to Marsden8.2 m1000 ftPeak DistrictBlack Hill
2013-09-07Kinder Low to Red Ratcher16.6 m2300 ftPeak DistrictMill Hill, Black Chew Head
2013-08-17Pendle Hill12.1 m2400 ftBowland FellsPendle Hill
2013-08-10White Hill15.8 m2600 ftBowland FellsWhite Hill
2013-08-03Ribblehead to Settle14.0 m2100 ftYorkshire DalesPark Fell
2013-07-21Burbage Edge to Cat & Fiddle6.8 m1000 ftPeak DistrictAxe Edge Moor, Whetstone Ridge
2013-07-20Shining Tor to Burbage Edge13.5 m2100 ftPeak DistrictCats Tor
2013-07-19Cat & Fiddle to Shining Tor1.6 m300 ftPeak DistrictShining Tor
2013-07-11Shutlingsloe & Croker Hill11.0 m2200 ftPeak DistrictShutlingsloe
2013-07-06Naughtberry Hill10.8 m2100 ftYorkshire DalesNaughtberry Hill
2013-06-29Garsdale to Ribblehead12.0 m2100 ftYorkshire DalesWold Fell, Blea Moor
2013-06-21Fair Snape Fell12.2 m2000 ftBowland FellsFair Snape Fell
2013-05-25Hooksey & The Calf12.4 m3500 ftHowgill FellsHooksey, Hazelgill Knott, Kensgriff, West Fell
2013-05-18Back Tor11.8 m1900 ftPeak DistrictBack Tor
2013-04-19Shining Tor & Cheeks Hill14.1 m2000 ftPeak DistrictShining Tor, Axe Edge Moor, Cats Tor
2013-04-11Edale to Hadfield18.7 m2800 ftPeak DistrictMill Hill
2012-11-24Fleetwith Pike and Haystacks6.9 m2300 ftLake DistrictHaystacks (Buttermere), Green Crag
2012-09-29Lord's Seat & Whinlatter11.4 m3100 ftLake DistrictLord's Seat, Ullister Hill, Whinlatter Top
2012-09-22Troutbeck Tongue12.8 m3400 ftLake DistrictSt Raven's Edge
2012-09-15Gowbarrow Fell & The Mells9.4 m2600 ftLake DistrictGreat Mell Fell, Little Mell Fell
2012-08-31Ullock Pike6.8 m2700 ftLake DistrictDodd (Skiddaw)
2012-08-25Blencathra12.3 m3200 ftLake DistrictSouther Fell
2012-08-11Knott & Great Calva13.0 m3500 ftLake DistrictMeal Fell, Lowthwaite Fell
2012-08-08Great Cockup5.9 m1400 ftLake DistrictGreat Cockup
2012-07-14Ingleborough & Pen-y-Ghent15.7 m3500 ftYorkshire DalesPark Fell
2012-03-31Harter Fell & Wandale Hill7.5 m1800 ftHowgill FellsHarter Fell
2012-03-10Uldale Head and Simon's Seat10.4 m3100 ftHowgill FellsSimon's Seat, Uldale Head
2012-02-25Cautley Spout and West Fell11.0 m2500 ftHowgill FellsHazelgill Knott, West Fell
2012-02-16Little Whernside10.6 m1500 ftYorkshire DalesLittle Whernside, Dead Man's Hill
2012-01-21Birks Fell10.0 m1600 ftYorkshire DalesHorse Head Moor
2011-11-19Kirkby Fell11.0 m1600 ftYorkshire DalesKirkby Fell
2011-11-06Shining Tor & Cheeks Hill10.5 m1700 ftPeak DistrictShining Tor, Whetstone Ridge
2011-10-29Place Fell7.5 m2500 ftLake DistrictAngletarn Pikes [Angletarn Pikes North Top]
2011-10-08Salt Cellar & Back Tor12.3 m2000 ftPeak DistrictBack Tor
2011-08-24Snaizeholme Fell4.7 m800 ftYorkshire DalesRedshaw Moss [Snaizeholme Fell]
2011-08-13Ling Haw & Arant Haw11.5 m2900 ftHowgill FellsArant Haw
2011-07-30Hoove4.8 m700 ftYorkshire Dales
2011-05-21Edale to Hadfield19.0 m2800 ftPeak DistrictMill Hill
2011-04-09Cracoe Fell13.0 m2400 ftYorkshire DalesCracoe Fell
2011-04-02Edale to Torside16.0 m2700 ftPeak DistrictMill Hill
2011-03-26Penhill13.0 m2400 ftYorkshire DalesHeight of Hazely, Harland Hill
2010-11-27Proctor High Mark & Parson's Pulpit9.0 m1100 ftYorkshire DalesParson's Pulpit, Proctor High Mark
2010-10-14Blackstone Edge & The Fleak7.0 m800 ftYorkshire DalesOxnop Common - Blackstone, Tarn Seat [Conny Tammy Currack] [The Fleak]
2010-08-28Garsdale to Ribblehead10.0 m1500 ftYorkshire DalesWold Fell
2010-08-21Great Pinseat11.5 m2400 ftYorkshire DalesGreat Pinseat
2010-08-07Grizedales11.5 m2200 ftYorkshire DalesGrizedales
2010-07-31Snake Pass Traverse14.0 m3100 ftPeak DistrictMill Hill
2010-07-10Cosh Outside11.5 m1800 ftYorkshire DalesHigh Green Field Knott, Blaydike Moss
2010-06-12Pickerstone Ridge13.0 m1800 ftYorkshire DalesPickerstone Ridge
2010-05-06Crowden to Standedge14.0 m2700 ftPeak DistrictBlack Hill
2010-05-05Edale to Crowden16.5 m2700 ftPeak DistrictMill Hill
2010-04-03Rye Loaf Hill & Attermire Scar13.0 m2100 ftYorkshire DalesRye Loaf Hill
2010-03-27Cracoe Fell14.0 m2400 ftYorkshire DalesCracoe Fell
2010-03-12Dunkery Beacon1.5 m500 ftExmoorDunkery Beacon
2010-02-20Cave Hill12.0 m1700 ftYorkshire DalesCam Rakes [Oughtershaw Common] [Cocklee Fell]
2010-01-17The Roaches3.7 m700 ftPeak DistrictThe Roaches
2009-07-25Yarlside13.0 m2700 ftHowgill FellsGreen Bell, Kensgriff
2009-06-27Aye Gill Pike13.0 m1900 ftYorkshire DalesAye Gill Pike
2009-06-07Fair Snape Fell11.5 m1900 ftBowland FellsFair Snape Fell
2009-05-01Stonethwaite to Patterdale12.5 m3800 ftLake DistrictSteel Fell [Dead Pike - Steel Fell], Calf Crag
2009-04-04Shutlingsloe & Shining Tor14.0 m3000 ftPeak DistrictShining Tor, Shutlingsloe
2009-02-14Ingleborough & Park Fell11.0 m2200 ftYorkshire DalesPark Fell
2009-02-07Green Bell11.0 m1800 ftHowgill FellsGreen Bell, Kensgriff
2009-01-17Ward's Stone & Tarnbrook Fell12.5 m1600 ftBowland FellsWard's Stone
2008-11-22Illgill Head & Whin Rigg11.5 m2400 ftLake DistrictIllgill Head, Whin Rigg (Wasdale)
2008-09-12Edale Skyline11.5 m2300 ftPeak DistrictBrown Knoll, Lord's Seat [Rushup Edge]
2008-02-23Black Hill & Black Chew Head10.5 m1800 ftPeak DistrictBlack Hill, Black Chew Head
2008-02-09Margery Hill12.5 m2700 ftPeak DistrictHowden Edge [High Stones]
2008-01-26Tegg's Nose & Shutlingsloe8.5 m1900 ftCheshireShutlingsloe
2008-01-05Calf Top12.5 m2200 ftYorkshire DalesCastle Knott
2007-11-10The Roaches & Lud's Church8.0 m1400 ftPeak DistrictThe Roaches
2007-11-03Shining Tor & Axe Edge12.0 m2100 ftPeak DistrictShining Tor
2007-10-20Keswick to Stonethwaite15.5 m2400 ftLake DistrictHigh Seat, Bleaberry Fell, Sergeant's Crag
2007-10-06Hard Knott & Hardknott Castle8.0 m2100 ftLake DistrictHard Knott
2007-09-08Bannerdale Round12.5 m3600 ftLake DistrictThe Nab, Angletarn Pikes [Angletarn Pikes North Top], Beda Fell [Beda Head]
2007-05-19Harry Hut & Lantern Pike10.5 m1900 ftPeak DistrictMill Hill
2007-05-05Ill Bell Ridge11.0 m3000 ftLake DistrictSallows
2007-04-14Easedale Horseshoe8.0 m2300 ftLake DistrictCalf Crag
2007-04-06Wharfedale Day 29.5 m450 ftYorkshire DalesHorse Head Moor
2007-03-30Shining Tor & Axe Edge12.5 m2100 ftCheshireShining Tor, Axe Edge Moor
2007-03-24Mam Tor & Winhill11.5 m2600 ftPeak DistrictMam Tor
2007-02-24Shutlingsloe8.0 m1300 ftPeak DistrictShutlingsloe
2007-01-27Blea Moor8.0 m1400 ftYorkshire DalesBlea Moor
2006-11-18Salt Cellar & Back Tor12.5 m2000 ftPeak DistrictBack Tor
2006-11-04Ladder Hill & Combs12.0 m2100 ftPeak DistrictBlack Edge, Combs Head
2006-09-09Croker Hill & Shutlingsloe10.5 m2200 ftCheshireShutlingsloe
2006-07-01Croker Hill & Shutlingsloe12.5 m2600 ftCheshireShutlingsloe
2006-05-02Stonethwaite to Patterdale15.5 m4500 ftLake DistrictCalf Crag
2006-03-25Edale Skyline13.5 m2900 ftPeak DistrictBrown Knoll, Lord's Seat [Rushup Edge], Mam Tor
2006-03-19Shutlingsloe & Shining Tor13.0 m3100 ftPeak DistrictShining Tor, Shutlingsloe
2006-03-12The Roaches & Lud's Church10.5 m1900 ftPeak DistrictThe Roaches
2006-01-21Shutlingsloe7.5 m1600 ftPeak DistrictShutlingsloe
2006-01-02Shining Tor10.2 m1600 ftPeak DistrictShining Tor, Cats Tor
2005-12-30Cats Tor7.5 m1100 ftPeak DistrictCats Tor
2005-12-27Mam Tor9.5 m2300 ftPeak DistrictMam Tor
2005-12-24Shutlingsloe8.0 m1600 ftPeak DistrictShutlingsloe