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Howgill Fells

This fell group is mostly an arbitrary collection created for the purposes of exploring the whole of the Howgill Fells. Part of the range falls inside the Yorkshire Dales National Park, but the majority of the area spills out to the north and is mostly ignored because of this I think. The area is bounded to the south and the east by the A683 Sedbergh to Kirkby Stephen road and to the west by a little minor lane call Howgill Lane, part of which is an old Roman Road. To the north the A685 makes a logical border, from the M6 junction to about Ravenstonedale. Inside this is some of the best grassland walking in England. As with my other lists, this excludes all 'Tump Only' hills from the DoBIH list.

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Walks to the Howgill Fells

Date Walk Name Dist Ascent Region Howgill Fells on this walk GPX
2013-06-01Carlin Gill6.4 m2100 ftYorkshire Dales - Northern FellsFell Head, Linghaw, Docker Knott
2013-05-25Hooksey & The Calf12.4 m3500 ftYorkshire Dales - Northern FellsThe Calf, Yarlside, Randygill Top, Hooksey, Hazelgill Knott, Kensgriff, West Fell
2012-03-31Harter Fell & Wandale Hill7.5 m1800 ftYorkshire Dales - Northern FellsHarter Fell, Wandale Hill
2012-03-10Uldale Head and Simon's Seat10.4 m3100 ftYorkshire Dales - Northern FellsFell Head, Simon's Seat, Uldale Head, Hand Lake, Linghaw
2012-02-25Cautley Spout and West Fell11.0 m2500 ftYorkshire Dales - Northern FellsHazelgill Knott, West Fell
2011-08-13Ling Haw & Arant Haw11.5 m2900 ftYorkshire Dales - Northern FellsThe Calf, Calders, Fell Head, Bush Howe, Arant Haw, Linghaw, Winder
2009-08-22Fell Head & The Calf11.0 m2800 ftYorkshire Dales - Northern FellsThe Calf, Calders, Bram Rigg Top, Fell Head, Bush Howe, Winder
2009-07-25Yarlside13.0 m2700 ftYorkshire Dales - Northern FellsYarlside, Randygill Top, Green Bell, Kensgriff
2009-02-07Green Bell11.0 m1800 ftYorkshire Dales - Northern FellsGreen Bell, Kensgriff
2008-10-04The Calf8.5 m2400 ftYorkshire Dales - Northern FellsThe Calf, Calders, Winder