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Walks to the English HuMPs

This page shows all my English HuMPs walks. The list is sorted in date order, with the most recent walk at the top of the page. You can get a rough idea of how easy or difficult the walk is likely to be from the distance and height gain numbers on the walk. Click on the walk name to get more information for that walk, including a dynamic OS map and a downloadable GPX file for your GPS device.

British and Irish Hills of any height with a drop of at least 100 metres or more on all sides. The name HuMP stands for Hundred Metre Prominence. As all Marilyns qualify as HuMPs, the classification code HuMP is only used for non-Marilyns. The geographical area was extended to the Channel Islands in November 2011.

A Twin HuMP is defined as a summit of equal height to another HuMP where the drop between the two summits is at least 30m but less than 100m.

Source: [Database of British Hills]

Date Walk name Dist Ascent Region HuMPs on this walk GPX
2020-09-17Blackstone Edge8.0 m900 ftPeak DistrictBlackstone Edge
2020-05-30Bleaklow Head from Old Glossop9.1 m1900 ftPeak DistrictBleaklow Head
2016-07-23Nettle Hill Day 24.5 m500 ftYorkshire DalesNettle Hill
2016-06-20Chapelfell Top8.5 m1400 ftNorthern PenninesChapelfell Top
2015-09-04Hardraw to Kirby Stephen Station15.9 m2500 ftYorkshire DalesGreat Shunner Fell, High Seat
2015-07-25Gordale Scar and Parsons Pulpit13.1 m2100 ftYorkshire DalesParson's Pulpit
2014-03-15Marsden to Light Hazzles Res12.1 m1800 ftPeak DistrictBlackstone Edge
2014-02-01Bleaklow & Cock Hill10.1 m1900 ftPeak DistrictBleaklow Head
2013-12-07Burnhead to Bardon Mill7.5 m1200 ftNorthern PenninesWinshield Crags
2013-09-29Ickornshaw Moor to Gargrave13.5 m2000 ftSouthern PenninesPinhaw Beacon
2013-09-07Kinder Low to Red Ratcher16.6 m2300 ftPeak DistrictBleaklow Head
2013-08-03Ribblehead to Settle14.0 m2100 ftYorkshire DalesSmearsett Scar
2013-07-11Shutlingsloe & Croker Hill11.0 m2200 ftPeak DistrictShutlingsloe
2013-06-29Garsdale to Ribblehead12.0 m2100 ftYorkshire DalesGreat Knoutberry Hill, Blea Moor
2013-06-25Whins Brow12.3 m2500 ftBowland FellsWhins Brow
2013-05-27Bleaklow & Cock Hill10.0 m1800 ftPeak DistrictBleaklow Head
2013-05-25Hooksey & The Calf12.4 m3500 ftHowgill FellsThe Calf, Yarlside, Randygill Top
2013-04-11Edale to Hadfield18.7 m2800 ftPeak DistrictBleaklow Head
2013-01-12Mallerstang Edge9.6 m2000 ftYorkshire DalesHigh Seat
2012-11-24Fleetwith Pike and Haystacks6.9 m2300 ftLake DistrictFleetwith Pike
2012-10-20Black Fell & Holme Fell10.9 m2200 ftLake DistrictBlack Fell, Holme Fell
2012-09-22Troutbeck Tongue12.8 m3400 ftLake DistrictStony Cove Pike [Caudale Moor], Baystones [Wansfell]
2012-08-31Ullock Pike6.8 m2700 ftLake DistrictDodd (Skiddaw)
2012-08-11Knott & Great Calva13.0 m3500 ftLake DistrictKnott, Great Calva
2012-06-02Great Dodd & Clough Head11.5 m2700 ftLake DistrictGreat Dodd, Clough Head
2012-03-31Harter Fell & Wandale Hill7.5 m1800 ftHowgill FellsHarter Fell, Wandale Hill
2012-03-10Uldale Head and Simon's Seat10.4 m3100 ftHowgill FellsUldale Head
2011-12-27Beamsley Beacon7.8 m1000 ftYorkshire DalesRound Hill
2011-07-09Chipping Campden to Stanway12.0 m1600 ftCotswoldsEbrington Hill
2011-06-14Blakey Ridge to Osmotherley20.5 m2800 ftNorth Yorks MoorsUrra Moor - Round Hill, Cringle Moor - Drake Howe, Carlton Moor
2011-06-12Robin Hood's Bay to Grosmont16.0 m2000 ftNorth Yorks MoorsStony Leas - Louven Howe, Brow Moor
2011-05-28Buckmoorend to Ivinghoe Beacon16.0 m1800 ftSouthern EnglandCoombe Hill, Clipper Down
2011-05-21Edale to Hadfield19.0 m2800 ftPeak DistrictBleaklow Head
2011-04-29Buttermere to Keswick10.0 m3600 ftLake DistrictCrag Hill [Eel Crag]
2011-04-02Edale to Torside16.0 m2700 ftPeak DistrictBleaklow Head
2011-03-26Penhill13.0 m2400 ftYorkshire DalesHeight of Hazely
2010-11-27Proctor High Mark & Parson's Pulpit9.0 m1100 ftYorkshire DalesParson's Pulpit
2010-10-23Simon's Seat11.0 m2000 ftYorkshire DalesSimon's Seat
2010-09-18Round Hill Downs to Kingstonhill Barn12.5 m1500 ftSouthern EnglandLiddington Hill
2010-09-11Overton Hill to Round Hill Downs12.5 m1200 ftSouthern EnglandHackpen Hill
2010-08-07Grizedales11.5 m2200 ftYorkshire DalesGrizedales
2010-07-31Snake Pass Traverse14.0 m3100 ftPeak DistrictWin Hill
2010-07-24Malvern Hills9.0 m2600 ftMidlandsWorcestershire Beacon, Herefordshire Beacon
2010-07-17Lovely Seat8.0 m1600 ftYorkshire DalesLovely Seat
2010-06-18Beacon Tarn13.5 m2100 ftLake DistrictBeacon Fell
2010-05-18Greenhead to Once Brewed7.8 m1200 ftNorthumberlandWinshield Crags
2010-05-09Cowling to Malham18.5 m2600 ftSouthern PenninesPinhaw Beacon
2010-05-08Hebden Bridge to Cowling16.5 m2900 ftSouthern PenninesLittle Wolf Stones
2010-05-07Standedge to Hebden Bridge16.0 m1700 ftPeak DistrictBlackstone Edge
2010-05-05Edale to Crowden16.5 m2700 ftPeak DistrictBleaklow Head
2010-04-24Mallerstang Edge12.0 m2100 ftYorkshire DalesHigh Seat
2010-02-20Cave Hill12.0 m1700 ftYorkshire DalesCam Rakes [Oughtershaw Common] [Cocklee Fell]
2010-01-17The Roaches3.7 m700 ftPeak DistrictThe Roaches
2009-12-20Stanage Edge7.0 m800 ftPeak DistrictHigh Neb
2009-07-25Yarlside13.0 m2700 ftHowgill FellsYarlside, Randygill Top
2009-05-30Great Asby Scar13.5 m1400 ftCrosby Ravensworth FellsKnott
2009-05-10Lyke Wake Walk (part only)20.0 m2100 ftNorth Yorks MoorsBrow Moor
2009-05-07Osmotherley to Blakey Ridge19.5 m3600 ftNorth Yorks MoorsUrra Moor - Round Hill, Carlton Moor
2009-04-18Coniston Old Man10.0 m3800 ftLake DistrictThe Old Man of Coniston [Coniston Old Man], Swirl How, Wetherlam
2009-04-11Attermire Scar11.0 m2300 ftYorkshire DalesSmearsett Scar
2009-04-04Shutlingsloe & Shining Tor14.0 m3000 ftPeak DistrictShining Tor, Shutlingsloe
2009-03-28Wansfell7.0 m1500 ftLake DistrictBaystones [Wansfell]
2009-01-03Crinkle Crags7.5 m2800 ftLake DistrictCrinkle Crags - Long Top [Second Crinkle]
2008-09-27Wetherlam10.0 m3600 ftLake DistrictSwirl How, Wetherlam
2008-08-23Bow Fell10.0 m3400 ftLake DistrictBowfell, Esk Pike
2008-05-07Kentmere Round13.0 m3900 ftLake DistrictHigh Street, Harter Fell (Mardale), Ill Bell
2008-04-11Great Borne8.0 m2300 ftLake DistrictGreat Borne
2008-02-16Kentmere Pike8.0 m2300 ftLake DistrictHarter Fell (Mardale)
2008-01-26Tegg's Nose & Shutlingsloe8.5 m1900 ftCheshireShutlingsloe
2007-12-15Dow Crag & Coniston Old Man8.5 m2900 ftLake DistrictThe Old Man of Coniston [Coniston Old Man], Dow Crag
2007-11-10The Roaches & Lud's Church8.0 m1400 ftPeak DistrictThe Roaches
2007-10-20Keswick to Stonethwaite15.5 m2400 ftLake DistrictUllscarf, High Seat
2007-09-29Kentmere Pike8.0 m2200 ftLake DistrictHarter Fell (Mardale)
2007-09-08Bannerdale Round12.5 m3600 ftLake DistrictRest Dodd, Hallin Fell
2007-08-11Selside Pike & Branstree6.0 m1800 ftLake DistrictBranstree
2007-07-08Ill Bell Ridge12.0 m3400 ftLake DistrictIll Bell
2007-05-05Ill Bell Ridge11.0 m3000 ftLake DistrictIll Bell
2007-04-28High Street & High Raise11.0 m3300 ftLake DistrictHigh Street, Harter Fell (Mardale)
2007-03-24Mam Tor & Winhill11.5 m2600 ftPeak DistrictWin Hill
2007-02-24Shutlingsloe8.0 m1300 ftPeak DistrictShutlingsloe
2007-02-03Maiden Castle12.5 m1800 ftCheshireRaw Head
2007-01-27Blea Moor8.0 m1400 ftYorkshire DalesBlea Moor
2006-12-27Stanage Edge & Ox Stones12.5 m1700 ftPeak DistrictHigh Neb
2006-09-09Croker Hill & Shutlingsloe10.5 m2200 ftCheshireShutlingsloe
2006-08-26Smearsett & Attermire Scars11.0 m2900 ftYorkshire DalesSmearsett Scar
2006-07-29The Cloud & Mow Cop16.0 m2200 ftCheshireThe Cloud
2006-07-01Croker Hill & Shutlingsloe12.5 m2600 ftCheshireShutlingsloe
2006-05-09Ingleby Cross to Clay Bank Top14.0 m3400 ftNorth Yorks MoorsCarlton Moor
2006-04-30St. Bees to Ennerdale Bridge18.0 m3500 ftLake DistrictDent [Long Barrow], Hannah Moor
2006-04-14Mow Cop & The Cloud18.5 m2600 ftCheshireThe Cloud
2006-03-19Shutlingsloe & Shining Tor13.0 m3100 ftPeak DistrictShining Tor, Shutlingsloe
2006-03-12The Roaches & Lud's Church10.5 m1900 ftPeak DistrictThe Roaches
2006-01-28Cat Bells & High Spy9.0 m2600 ftLake DistrictHigh Spy
2006-01-21Shutlingsloe7.5 m1600 ftPeak DistrictShutlingsloe
2005-12-24Shutlingsloe8.0 m1600 ftPeak DistrictShutlingsloe
2005-12-18Mow Cop9.5 m1200 ftCheshire
2005-12-10Raw Head9.0 m1300 ftCheshireRaw Head
2005-05-29Sandstone Trail17.0 m1800 ftCheshireRaw Head
2005-05-21Beacon Tarn7.0 m1400 ftLake DistrictBeacon Fell