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Walks to the English Marilyns

This page shows all my English Marilyns walks. The list is sorted in date order, with the most recent walk at the top of the page. You can get a rough idea of how easy or difficult the walk is likely to be from the distance and height gain numbers on the walk. Click on the walk name to get more information for that walk, including a dynamic OS map and a downloadable GPX file for your GPS device.

A Marilyn is a mountain or hill in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland or Isle of Man with a relative height of at least 150 metres (492 ft), regardless of absolute height or other merit. The name was coined as a punning contrast to the designation Munro, used of a Scottish mountain with a height of more than 3,000 feet (914.4 m), which is homophonous with (Marilyn) Monroe.

There are 2,009 Marilyns identified: 1,216 in Scotland, 455 in Ireland (of which 66 are in Northern Ireland), 176 in England, 157 in Wales, 5 on the Isle of Man. Black Mountain, in the Black Mountains, on the border between England and Wales, was formerly counted in both countries but is now treated as being in Wales only. The list of Marilyns in Britain was compiled by Alan Dawson in his book The Relative Hills of Britain, and continues to change as resurveying produces revised heights for hills and the passes between them. The list was extended into Ireland by Clem Clements in a booklet, The Hewitts and Marilyns of Ireland.

Source: [Wikipedia]

Date Walk name Dist Ascent Region Marilyns on this walk GPX
2021-05-01Winter Hill7.0 m900 ftNorthern EnglandWinter Hill
2020-08-08Kinder Summit via Cluther Rocks9.2 m1900 ftPeak DistrictKinder Scout
2020-06-20Shining Tor and Cheeks Hill10.3 m1700 ftPeak DistrictShining Tor
2018-12-02Holme to Arnside7.5 m1000 ftLake DistrictArnside Knott
2018-06-02Garsdale Head to Muker13.6 m2100 ftYorkshire DalesGreat Shunner Fell
2017-04-10Keld to Kirkby Stephen13.6 m1900 ftYorkshire DalesNine Standards Rigg
2016-07-29Kirkby Stephen Station to Wild Boar Fell9.5 m2200 ftYorkshire DalesWild Boar Fell
2016-06-21Burnhope Seat14.7 m1900 ftNorthern PenninesBurnhope Seat
2015-09-04Hardraw to Kirby Stephen Station15.9 m2500 ftYorkshire DalesGreat Shunner Fell
2015-09-03Buckden to Hardraw16.0 m2100 ftYorkshire DalesDodd Fell Hill
2015-05-23Mickle Fell14.6 m2800 ftNorthern PenninesMickle Fell
2015-04-02Horton to Sedbergh22.6 m3900 ftYorkshire DalesIngleborough, Whernside
2015-03-21Apedale to Kettlewell18.0 m2600 ftYorkshire DalesBuckden Pike
2014-12-28Fountains Fell Day 16.2 m1300 ftYorkshire DalesFountains Fell
2014-05-06Hardraw to Keld11.2 m2500 ftYorkshire DalesGreat Shunner Fell
2013-12-04Appleby to Garrigill16.1 m3400 ftNorthern PenninesCross Fell
2013-11-10Hardraw to Tan Hill16.2 m3200 ftYorkshire DalesGreat Shunner Fell
2013-09-14Kinder via Grinds Brook10.3 m1900 ftPeak DistrictKinder Scout
2013-09-08Red Ratcher to Marsden8.2 m1000 ftPeak DistrictBlack Hill
2013-08-24Harrow Hill to Horton-in-Ribblesdale21.9 m3500 ftYorkshire DalesPen-y-ghent
2013-08-17Pendle Hill12.1 m2400 ftBowland FellsPendle Hill
2013-08-10White Hill15.8 m2600 ftBowland FellsWhite Hill
2013-07-31Whernside12.0 m2300 ftYorkshire DalesWhernside
2013-07-19Cat & Fiddle to Shining Tor1.6 m300 ftPeak DistrictShining Tor
2013-07-13Ashley Down to Thorn Down12.6 m1000 ftSouthern EnglandWalbury Hill
2013-07-06Naughtberry Hill10.8 m2100 ftYorkshire DalesBuckden Pike
2013-06-29Garsdale to Ribblehead12.0 m2100 ftYorkshire DalesGreat Knoutberry Hill
2013-06-21Fair Snape Fell12.2 m2000 ftBowland FellsFair Snape Fell
2013-06-18Scout Moor10.8 m1600 ftSouthern PenninesHail Storm Hill
2013-05-25Hooksey & The Calf12.4 m3500 ftHowgill FellsThe Calf, Yarlside
2013-04-19Shining Tor & Cheeks Hill14.1 m2000 ftPeak DistrictShining Tor
2013-04-13Ingleborough from Clapham13.5 m2700 ftYorkshire DalesIngleborough
2013-04-06Wild Boar Fell12.4 m2600 ftYorkshire DalesWild Boar Fell
2013-01-05Longridge Fell9.0 m1200 ftBowland FellsLongridge Fell - Spire Hill
2012-12-27Easington Fell7.4 m1100 ftBowland FellsEasington Fell
2012-12-15Buckden Pike4.6 m1600 ftYorkshire DalesBuckden Pike
2012-10-27High Hartsop Dodd10.1 m3000 ftLake DistrictFairfield
2012-10-20Black Fell & Holme Fell10.9 m2200 ftLake DistrictHolme Fell
2012-09-29Lord's Seat & Whinlatter11.4 m3100 ftLake DistrictLord's Seat
2012-09-22Troutbeck Tongue12.8 m3400 ftLake DistrictStony Cove Pike [Caudale Moor]
2012-09-15Gowbarrow Fell & The Mells9.4 m2600 ftLake DistrictGreat Mell Fell, Little Mell Fell
2012-08-25Blencathra12.3 m3200 ftLake DistrictBlencathra - Hallsfell Top
2012-08-11Knott & Great Calva13.0 m3500 ftLake DistrictKnott
2012-07-21Skiddaw10.2 m3300 ftLake DistrictSkiddaw
2012-07-15Whernside8.0 m1700 ftYorkshire DalesWhernside
2012-07-14Ingleborough & Pen-y-Ghent15.7 m3500 ftYorkshire DalesIngleborough, Pen-y-ghent
2012-07-07Ease Gill & Great Coum9.6 m2200 ftYorkshire DalesGreat Coum
2012-06-30High Street Roman Road25.1 m4000 ftLake DistrictHigh Street
2012-04-14Ingleborough & Whernside15.6 m3700 ftYorkshire DalesWhernside, Ingleborough
2012-01-21Birks Fell10.0 m1600 ftYorkshire DalesBirks Fell
2011-11-06Shining Tor & Cheeks Hill10.5 m1700 ftPeak DistrictShining Tor
2011-10-29Place Fell7.5 m2500 ftLake DistrictPlace Fell
2011-10-01Ingleborough12.2 m2700 ftYorkshire DalesIngleborough
2011-09-22Sharp Haw3.2 m800 ftYorkshire DalesSharp Haw
2011-09-10Kisdon from Keld5.0 m900 ftYorkshire DalesKisdon
2011-09-03Ingleborough from Ingleton11.0 m2200 ftYorkshire DalesIngleborough
2011-08-20Stanway to Cleeve Hill13.0 m1800 ftCotswoldsCleeve Hill
2011-08-13Ling Haw & Arant Haw11.5 m2900 ftHowgill FellsThe Calf
2011-07-30Hoove4.8 m700 ftYorkshire Dales
2011-07-03Wild Boar Fell9.0 m2000 ftYorkshire DalesWild Boar Fell
2011-06-24Ennerdale Bridge to St. Bees16.0 m3000 ftLake DistrictDent [Long Barrow]
2011-06-21Patterdale to Grasmere7.2 m2600 ftLake DistrictSt Sunday Crag
2011-06-18Keld to Kirkby Stephen12.0 m1400 ftYorkshire DalesNine Standards Rigg
2011-06-14Blakey Ridge to Osmotherley20.5 m2800 ftNorth Yorks MoorsUrra Moor - Round Hill, Cringle Moor - Drake Howe
2011-05-07High Street8.0 m3200 ftLake DistrictHigh Street, Stony Cove Pike [Caudale Moor]
2011-04-09Cracoe Fell13.0 m2400 ftYorkshire DalesCracoe Fell
2011-03-12Whernside11.0 m1800 ftYorkshire DalesWhernside
2010-10-16Pen-y-Ghent & Plover Hill9.0 m1900 ftYorkshire DalesPen-y-ghent
2010-09-30Shipley to Brown Bank12.5 m1800 ftYorkshire DalesRombalds Moor [Ilkley Moor]
2010-07-24Malvern Hills9.0 m2600 ftMidlandsWorcestershire Beacon
2010-05-16Dufton to Garrigill16.0 m3400 ftNorthern PenninesCross Fell
2010-05-12Hawes to Keld12.5 m2400 ftYorkshire DalesGreat Shunner Fell
2010-05-10Malham to Horton15.0 m2900 ftYorkshire DalesPen-y-ghent
2010-05-06Crowden to Standedge14.0 m2700 ftPeak DistrictBlack Hill
2010-04-17Baugh Fell11.5 m2100 ftYorkshire DalesBaugh Fell - Tarn Rigg Hill
2010-03-27Cracoe Fell14.0 m2400 ftYorkshire DalesCracoe Fell
2010-03-12Christ Cross0.5 m15 ftSouth WestChrist Cross
2010-03-12High Willhays5.5 m1400 ftDartmoorHigh Willhays
2010-03-12Dunkery Beacon1.5 m500 ftExmoorDunkery Beacon
2010-03-11Brown Willy6.0 m1400 ftBodmin MoorBrown Willy
2010-02-13Great Knoutberry11.5 m2000 ftYorkshire DalesGreat Knoutberry Hill
2010-02-06Whernside12.0 m2200 ftYorkshire DalesWhernside
2009-11-07Great Shunner Fell9.5 m1700 ftYorkshire DalesGreat Shunner Fell
2009-10-17Great Shunner Fell11.5 m2400 ftYorkshire DalesGreat Shunner Fell
2009-09-05Rogan's Seat13.0 m2200 ftYorkshire DalesRogan's Seat
2009-08-30Wild Boar Fell12.0 m2500 ftYorkshire DalesWild Boar Fell
2009-08-22Fell Head & The Calf11.0 m2800 ftHowgill FellsThe Calf
2009-07-25Yarlside13.0 m2700 ftHowgill FellsYarlside
2009-07-18Dodd Fell Hill12.0 m1900 ftYorkshire DalesDodd Fell Hill
2009-06-27Aye Gill Pike13.0 m1900 ftYorkshire DalesAye Gill Pike
2009-06-07Fair Snape Fell11.5 m1900 ftBowland FellsFair Snape Fell
2009-05-07Osmotherley to Blakey Ridge19.5 m3600 ftNorth Yorks MoorsUrra Moor - Round Hill
2009-05-04Kirkby Stephen to Keld11.5 m2200 ftYorkshire DalesNine Standards Rigg
2009-04-29St. Bees to Ennerdale Bridge15.5 m3400 ftLake DistrictDent [Long Barrow]
2009-04-18Coniston Old Man10.0 m3800 ftLake DistrictThe Old Man of Coniston [Coniston Old Man]
2009-04-13Cloud & Croker Hill16.0 m2500 ftCheshireThe Cloud
2009-04-04Shutlingsloe & Shining Tor14.0 m3000 ftPeak DistrictShining Tor
2009-03-21High Street7.0 m2400 ftLake DistrictHigh Street
2009-02-28Fairfield11.0 m3000 ftLake DistrictFairfield
2009-02-14Ingleborough & Park Fell11.0 m2200 ftYorkshire DalesIngleborough
2009-01-17Ward's Stone & Tarnbrook Fell12.5 m1600 ftBowland FellsWard's Stone
2008-11-22Illgill Head & Whin Rigg11.5 m2400 ftLake DistrictIllgill Head
2008-11-08Fountains Fell10.0 m1800 ftYorkshire DalesFountains Fell
2008-11-01Red Screes7.0 m2300 ftLake DistrictRed Screes
2008-10-18Great Shunner Fell10.0 m1700 ftYorkshire DalesGreat Shunner Fell
2008-10-04The Calf8.5 m2400 ftHowgill FellsThe Calf
2008-09-20Helvellyn via Grisedale11.5 m3400 ftLake DistrictHelvellyn
2008-07-27Scafell Pike11.0 m3400 ftLake DistrictScafell Pike
2008-07-25Great Gable6.0 m2400 ftLake DistrictGreat Gable
2008-07-12Helvellyn & Raise10.0 m3400 ftLake DistrictHelvellyn
2008-07-05Gragareth & Great Coum14.5 m2000 ftYorkshire DalesGreat Coum
2008-06-28Loughrigg & Silver How10.5 m3000 ftLake DistrictLoughrigg Fell
2008-06-14Yorkshire 3 Peaks24.0 m5300 ftYorkshire DalesWhernside, Ingleborough, Pen-y-ghent
2008-06-07Great Whernside & Buckden Pike15.0 m2600 ftYorkshire DalesGreat Whernside, Buckden Pike
2008-05-07Kentmere Round13.0 m3900 ftLake DistrictHigh Street
2008-05-03High Street via Rough Crag12.0 m3100 ftLake DistrictHigh Street
2008-03-24St. Sunday Crag10.0 m2900 ftLake DistrictSt Sunday Crag
2008-02-23Black Hill & Black Chew Head10.5 m1800 ftPeak DistrictBlack Hill
2008-01-05Calf Top12.5 m2200 ftYorkshire DalesCalf Top
2007-12-20Fairfield Horseshoe11.5 m3700 ftLake DistrictFairfield
2007-12-15Dow Crag & Coniston Old Man8.5 m2900 ftLake DistrictThe Old Man of Coniston [Coniston Old Man]
2007-12-08Ingleborough11.5 m2400 ftYorkshire DalesIngleborough
2007-11-17Whernside8.0 m1700 ftYorkshire DalesWhernside
2007-11-03Shining Tor & Axe Edge12.0 m2100 ftPeak DistrictShining Tor
2007-10-13Place Fell & Ullswater12.0 m3600 ftLake DistrictPlace Fell
2007-10-06Hard Knott & Hardknott Castle8.0 m2100 ftLake DistrictHard Knott
2007-09-15High Street & Gray Crag11.5 m3700 ftLake DistrictHigh Street, Stony Cove Pike [Caudale Moor]
2007-09-08Bannerdale Round12.5 m3600 ftLake DistrictHallin Fell
2007-04-28High Street & High Raise11.0 m3300 ftLake DistrictHigh Street
2007-04-21Langdale Pikes8.0 m3000 ftLake DistrictHigh Raise [High White Stones]
2007-03-30Shining Tor & Axe Edge12.5 m2100 ftCheshireShining Tor
2006-10-28Gun10.5 m1400 ftPeak DistrictGun
2006-08-27Horton to Ribblehead10.5 m2200 ftYorkshire DalesPen-y-ghent
2006-08-19The Cloud9.5 m1500 ftCheshireThe Cloud
2006-08-15Great Whernside & Buckden Pike14.5 m2700 ftYorkshire DalesGreat Whernside, Buckden Pike
2006-07-29The Cloud & Mow Cop16.0 m2200 ftCheshireThe Cloud
2006-05-10Clay Bank Top to Glaisdale19.5 m1600 ftNorth Yorks MoorsUrra Moor - Round Hill
2006-05-05Kirkby Stephen to Keld12.0 m2100 ftYorkshire DalesNine Standards Rigg
2006-04-30St. Bees to Ennerdale Bridge18.0 m3500 ftLake DistrictDent [Long Barrow]
2006-04-17The Cloud & Croker Hill17.5 m2500 ftCheshireThe Cloud
2006-04-14Mow Cop & The Cloud18.5 m2600 ftCheshireThe Cloud
2006-03-19Shutlingsloe & Shining Tor13.0 m3100 ftPeak DistrictShining Tor
2006-03-11Gun10.5 m1400 ftPeak DistrictGun
2006-02-11Gun10.5 m1400 ftPeak DistrictGun
2006-01-07The Cloud10.5 m1600 ftCheshireThe Cloud
2006-01-02Shining Tor10.2 m1600 ftPeak DistrictShining Tor
2005-09-07Keld to Hawes13.0 m3000 ftYorkshire DalesGreat Shunner Fell
2005-07-24Coniston Old Man7.5 m2600 ftLake DistrictThe Old Man of Coniston [Coniston Old Man]