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Walks to the Wainwrights

This page shows all my Wainwrights walks. The list is sorted in date order, with the most recent walk at the top of the page. You can get a rough idea of how easy or difficult the walk is likely to be from the distance and height gain numbers on the walk. Click on the walk name to get more information for that walk, including a dynamic OS map and a downloadable GPX file for your GPS device.

The Wainwrights are an arbitrary collection of hills and mountains classified by Alfred Wainwright in his seven Pictorial Guides to Lakeland Fells. They total 214 summits and are broken down into seven distinct regions, each region being covered in a different volume. More details of each region can be found here:


Date Walk name Dist Ascent Region Wainwrights on this walk GPX
2012-11-24Fleetwith Pike and Haystacks6.9 m2300 ftLake DistrictFleetwith Pike, Haystacks (Buttermere)
2012-10-27High Hartsop Dodd10.1 m3000 ftLake DistrictFairfield, Hart Crag, Dove Crag, Little Hart Crag [Little Hart Crag - West Top], High Hartsop Dodd
2012-10-20Black Fell & Holme Fell10.9 m2200 ftLake DistrictBlack Fell, Holme Fell
2012-10-13Armboth Fell7.5 m1800 ftLake DistrictArmboth Fell, Raven Crag
2012-09-29Lord's Seat & Whinlatter11.4 m3100 ftLake DistrictLord's Seat, Whinlatter [Brown How - Whinlatter], Broom Fell, Barf, Graystones
2012-09-22Troutbeck Tongue12.8 m3400 ftLake DistrictStony Cove Pike [Caudale Moor], Baystones [Wansfell], Troutbeck Tongue
2012-09-15Gowbarrow Fell & The Mells9.4 m2600 ftLake DistrictGreat Mell Fell, Little Mell Fell, Gowbarrow Fell (Wainwright summit)
2012-08-31Ullock Pike6.8 m2700 ftLake DistrictCarl Side, Long Side, Ullock Pike, Dodd (Skiddaw)
2012-08-25Blencathra12.3 m3200 ftLake DistrictBlencathra - Hallsfell Top, Bowscale Fell, Bannerdale Crags, Mungrisdale Common, Souther Fell
2012-08-11Knott & Great Calva13.0 m3500 ftLake DistrictKnott, Great Calva, Great Sca Fell, Brae Fell, Meal Fell, Longlands Fell
2012-08-08Great Cockup5.9 m1400 ftLake DistrictGreat Cockup
2012-07-21Skiddaw10.2 m3300 ftLake DistrictSkiddaw, Skiddaw Little Man, Lonscale Fell, Latrigg
2012-06-30High Street Roman Road25.1 m4000 ftLake DistrictHigh Street, High Raise (High Street), Rampsgill Head, Thornthwaite Crag, Wether Hill
2012-06-02Great Dodd & Clough Head11.5 m2700 ftLake DistrictGreat Dodd, Stybarrow Dodd, Watson's Dodd, Hart Side, Clough Head
2011-10-29Place Fell7.5 m2500 ftLake DistrictPlace Fell, Angletarn Pikes [Angletarn Pikes North Top]
2011-06-22Grasmere to Stonethwaite12.0 m2800 ftLake DistrictPavey Ark, Silver How
2011-06-21Patterdale to Grasmere7.2 m2600 ftLake DistrictSt Sunday Crag
2011-06-20Shap to Patterdale16.5 m3800 ftLake DistrictKidsty Pike
2011-05-07High Street8.0 m3200 ftLake DistrictHigh Street, Thornthwaite Crag, Stony Cove Pike [Caudale Moor], The Knott (High Street), Hartsop Dodd
2011-04-29Buttermere to Keswick10.0 m3600 ftLake DistrictCrag Hill [Eel Crag], Sail, Wandope, Scar Crags, Whiteless Pike, Causey Pike
2009-06-13High Pike9.0 m2000 ftLake DistrictCarrock Fell, High Pike (Caldbeck)
2009-05-02Patterdale to Shap16.5 m2200 ftLake DistrictKidsty Pike
2009-05-01Stonethwaite to Patterdale12.5 m3800 ftLake DistrictSteel Fell [Dead Pike - Steel Fell], Calf Crag
2009-04-18Coniston Old Man10.0 m3800 ftLake DistrictThe Old Man of Coniston [Coniston Old Man], Swirl How, Brim Fell, Great Carrs, Grey Friar, Wetherlam
2009-03-28Wansfell7.0 m1500 ftLake DistrictBaystones [Wansfell]
2009-03-21High Street7.0 m2400 ftLake DistrictHigh Street, Thornthwaite Crag
2009-02-28Fairfield11.0 m3000 ftLake DistrictFairfield, Hart Crag, Hartsop Above How [Gill Crag - Hartsop Above How]
2009-01-10Sheffield Pike4.5 m2100 ftLake DistrictSheffield Pike, Glenridding Dodd
2009-01-03Crinkle Crags7.5 m2800 ftLake DistrictCrinkle Crags - Long Top [Second Crinkle]
2008-12-01Hartsop Above How4.5 m1600 ftLake DistrictHartsop Above How [Gill Crag - Hartsop Above How]
2008-11-22Illgill Head & Whin Rigg11.5 m2400 ftLake DistrictIllgill Head, Whin Rigg (Wasdale)
2008-11-01Red Screes7.0 m2300 ftLake DistrictRed Screes, Middle Dodd
2008-09-27Wetherlam10.0 m3600 ftLake DistrictSwirl How, Great Carrs, Grey Friar, Wetherlam
2008-09-20Helvellyn via Grisedale11.5 m3400 ftLake DistrictHelvellyn, Nethermost Pike, Catstye Cam, Dollywaggon Pike
2008-08-23Bow Fell10.0 m3400 ftLake DistrictBowfell, Esk Pike, Rossett Pike
2008-07-27Scafell Pike11.0 m3400 ftLake DistrictScafell Pike
2008-07-25Great Gable6.0 m2400 ftLake DistrictGreat Gable, Green Gable, Brandreth, Grey Knotts
2008-07-12Helvellyn & Raise10.0 m3400 ftLake DistrictHelvellyn, Raise, White Side, Birkhouse Moor
2008-06-28Loughrigg & Silver How10.5 m3000 ftLake DistrictBlea Rigg, Silver How, Loughrigg Fell
2008-05-07Kentmere Round13.0 m3900 ftLake DistrictHigh Street, Thornthwaite Crag, Harter Fell (Mardale), Mardale Ill Bell, Ill Bell, Kentmere Pike, Froswick, Yoke, Shipman Knotts
2008-05-03High Street via Rough Crag12.0 m3100 ftLake DistrictHigh Street, High Raise (High Street), Rampsgill Head, Kidsty Pike
2008-04-19Langdale Pikes via Jack's Rake10.0 m3200 ftLake DistrictHarrison Stickle, Pike of Stickle, Pavey Ark, Rossett Pike
2008-04-12Red Pike8.0 m2300 ftLake DistrictRed Pike (Buttermere)
2008-04-11Great Borne8.0 m2300 ftLake DistrictStarling Dodd, Great Borne
2008-03-24St. Sunday Crag10.0 m2900 ftLake DistrictSt Sunday Crag, Birks, Arnison Crag
2008-02-16Kentmere Pike8.0 m2300 ftLake DistrictHarter Fell (Mardale), Kentmere Pike, Shipman Knotts
2007-12-20Fairfield Horseshoe11.5 m3700 ftLake DistrictFairfield, Hart Crag, Dove Crag, Great Rigg, High Pike (Scandale), Heron Pike (Rydal), Low Pike, Nab Scar
2007-12-15Dow Crag & Coniston Old Man8.5 m2900 ftLake DistrictThe Old Man of Coniston [Coniston Old Man], Brim Fell, Dow Crag
2007-10-21Stonethwaite to Keswick11.0 m1400 ftLake DistrictCastle Crag
2007-10-20Keswick to Stonethwaite15.5 m2400 ftLake DistrictUllscarf, High Seat, Bleaberry Fell, Sergeant's Crag, Eagle Crag, High Tove, Walla Crag
2007-10-13Place Fell & Ullswater12.0 m3600 ftLake DistrictPlace Fell, Brock Crags (Wainwright)
2007-10-06Hard Knott & Hardknott Castle8.0 m2100 ftLake DistrictHard Knott
2007-09-29Kentmere Pike8.0 m2200 ftLake DistrictHarter Fell (Mardale), Kentmere Pike, Shipman Knotts
2007-09-15High Street & Gray Crag11.5 m3700 ftLake DistrictHigh Street, Thornthwaite Crag, Stony Cove Pike [Caudale Moor], Gray Crag, Hartsop Dodd
2007-09-08Bannerdale Round12.5 m3600 ftLake DistrictRest Dodd, The Nab, Angletarn Pikes [Angletarn Pikes North Top], Beda Fell [Beda Head], Hallin Fell
2007-08-11Selside Pike & Branstree6.0 m1800 ftLake DistrictBranstree, Selside Pike
2007-07-28Loadpot Hill12.0 m2800 ftLake DistrictLoadpot Hill, Wether Hill, Arthur's Pike, Bonscale Pike, Steel Knotts [Pikeawassa - Steel Knotts]
2007-07-08Ill Bell Ridge12.0 m3400 ftLake DistrictThornthwaite Crag, Ill Bell, Froswick, Yoke
2007-05-05Ill Bell Ridge11.0 m3000 ftLake DistrictIll Bell, Froswick, Yoke, Sallows, Sour Howes
2007-04-28High Street & High Raise11.0 m3300 ftLake DistrictHigh Street, High Raise (High Street), Rampsgill Head, Kidsty Pike, Harter Fell (Mardale), Mardale Ill Bell, The Knott (High Street)
2007-04-21Langdale Pikes8.0 m3000 ftLake DistrictHigh Raise [High White Stones], Harrison Stickle, Sergeant Man, Thunacar Knott, Pike of Stickle, Pavey Ark, Loft Crag
2007-04-14Easedale Horseshoe8.0 m2300 ftLake DistrictTarn Crag (Easedale), Calf Crag, Gibson Knott, Helm Crag
2006-12-02Blea Rigg4.5 m1700 ftLake DistrictBlea Rigg
2006-05-03Patterdale to Shap16.5 m3700 ftLake DistrictKidsty Pike
2006-05-02Stonethwaite to Patterdale15.5 m4500 ftLake DistrictCalf Crag, Gibson Knott
2006-01-28Cat Bells & High Spy9.0 m2600 ftLake DistrictHigh Spy, Cat Bells [Catbells]
2005-11-05Caldbeck to Keswick18.0 m3200 ftLake DistrictHigh Pike (Caldbeck)
2005-07-24Coniston Old Man7.5 m2600 ftLake DistrictThe Old Man of Coniston [Coniston Old Man]