Park at my House
Park at my House

As a long distance walker, one of the logistical problems I come across quite often is “where to park?”

Where can I leave my car for multiple days without paying an absolute fortune in car parking fees and still maintaining a level of security for my vehicle that I’m comfortable with.

When I was planning a Two Moors Way walk I found this to be a real problem. I wanted to park somewhere around Portsmouth for a week and use trains to shuttle between the start and end of the path.

During my searching for options I stumbled across this great site:

The idea is that people across the country rent out space on their drive, or in their garages to other people who want to park in that location.

I found a place quite quickly, within walking distance of the station for about £5 per day. Not bad, certainly competitive with public parking and with the added security that you’re parked on someone’s drive and therefore much less likely to have your car spotted as a long term parker and then targetted at night by the scum that look for these things.

The site gives you a Google Maps interface and superimposes all the search results for a location onto that map, you can then browse the offerings closest to your desired location – looking at things like price per day, level of security, hours of access and a handy calendar showing when the space(s) is available.

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