I’ve been having a play with PHP and mySQL – for the non-techies out there – that’s not some super-dooper new waterproof fabric, it’s website scripting (PHP) and back-end database (mySQL) technology.

It was a huge learning curve for me, helped immensely by my son, who is doing his Masters in website design (thanks goodness!). Until now I’ve only ever dabbled in HTML, which is an absolute breeze compared to PHP, but does have the drawback of being very static and difficult to maintain once your website gets beyond a certain number of pages. PHP however, allows me to offer much more dynamic content – specifically in the area of my walks history.

I’ve spent a while collating all the information for the 350-odd walks I’ve recorded over the past few years and this is now all available in a mySQL database – fronted by a series of dynamic web pages. The result is a searchable walks database, linked to the huge photo database I’ve also built up over the past few years. Not all the photos are on-line (that would be nigh-on impossible), but a good enough selection to illustrate each particular walk.

You can search for start points and end points, trig point and high points, long distance paths (just added this morning) and everything in between. So if you want to find a walk I’ve done that goes to the summit of High Street in the Lakes you can – or want to find a walk that starts in Kettlewell or Settle, no problem. How about listing all the walks I’ve done along the Coast to Coast or Pennine Way, easy peasy.

Each walk has information relating to distance, height gain, duration, start and end grid reference, a route description, any trig point or summits I encountered and a selection of photos at the bottom of the page.

Thanks to the folks who have already provided some feedback on the database – I’d love to hear more comments and suggestions – there must be some things I’ve missed – please let me know. In the meantime, please enjoy.

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2 thoughts on “Website Updates”

  1. Devin Matlock

    I have been playing around with PHP, AJAX, and JQuery lately. Learning curve for me as well. Good luck.

  2. Time well invested, thanks. I’ve followed quite a few of your routes in the past, they fit in well with my available time and areas to walk – the new database will make them even more accessible. Cheers.

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